Saturday, August 28, 2010


A reader reminds us:

"You may want to throw out a link to TXT2TIP, since someone mentioned it in a comment about the shots fired at Buena and Sheridan post.  It is NOT a replacement for 911, just a way to get non-emergency information - gang loitering locations, drug stashes, dealer descriptions, etc."


  1. We herad about 12 shots 4 a.m. Sunday morning .Sounded like it was comming from Montrose and Kenmore.Anyone else hear this also?

  2. I heard them too, they woke me up. I didn't know if it was gunfire, because I've only heard shots fired once, and that time they sounded like firecrackers and were in quick succession. The sounds I heard this morning were more of a boom, and they were much slower.

  3. Gang loitering is an emergency.
    you will never catch me texting that info in.
    The cops will disperse them if you call 911, if not it will continue.

    Thats the problem.
    I took a zero tolerance stance on my block and the gangs know they cant loiter here.

    So that is not IMHO
    a viable or commonsense
    way of taking care of the gangs

    gang intimidation is against the law and I dont tolerater it.

  4. There were more than 30 booms at 4:05 a.m. I'm at Wilson and Beacon and it woke me up out of a dead sleep, so they must have been close. Couldn't have been gunfire. Any gun that loud couldn't be shot that quickly. I'm thinking it was a packet of M-80s or other firework.
    Heard sirens at 4:10, but they were not coming this way. Then heard another series of booms at 4:14, but they were too far away to count.

  5. heard the shots at Malden and Montrose also

  6. I believe the 4:10 am wake up call was fireworks... (I guess that's good news, but no one likes the 4am wake up call)...

  7. I heard the same booms at 4:10 this morning and was confused about whether or not they were actually gun shots. I counted over 25 of them. The scary thing is that I called 911 and could not get through! Finally, the second time, after about 15-20 rings, someone answered. Anyone else have that problem?

  8. I live at Montrose & Sheridan. At about 3am there was a bunch of guys out in the street on sheridan yelling at each other and it sounded like a fight was about to start. then they started smashing something up, sounded like it might be a parked car. There was a car in the middle of the street and and finally about 8 of them bundled into it and took off. The police turned up about 5 minutes later. The planter outside the building was broken this morning. From the noise I heard they broke more than that though.

  9. "A" I feel for you.
    Living in the ground zero area of the Malden Magnolia alley, for nearly 20 years, life is an ongoing party of dubious behavior in the alley.

    From the lessor shocks of hurled garbage bags into the alley, to the more serious 'shots fired'.

    I can only sigh, at the prospect of a new Alderman.

  10. Yes Little Tomatoe-I got no ansewer at that time either-what is 4 a. m. switching shifts at 911-that was scary.

  11. The fireworks woke us up at 4ish...they were pretty but not what I wanted to be doing at the time.