Friday, August 27, 2010

Shots Fired Near Racine and Montrose

Sadly, we are getting reports of "shots fired" in the vicinity of Montrose and Racine around 11:00 AM this morning. Anyone with further information, please add to the comments.


  1. I don't have any other info other than there being a lot of "white shirts" (if only they were as nice as the Red Hats) around the Sunnyside Mall/Malden talking loudly as if something happened or was about to happen.
    Around 11 a.m. I was on the phone and with my sister and commented to her that the gang bangers are planning probably planning a shooting or something.

    I guess my suspicions might have been right.

  2. I got a text from my neighbor today stating that there was shots fired in the alleyway between magnolia and racine just south of Sunnyside. Right where the 3 little section 8 row homes are. 4-5 shell casings were found in that little amount of parking they have there. That's all I got.

  3. I heard the shots. The police found 4 shells behind the section 8 housing located on the 4400 block of North Racine. They had taken a suspect into custody and an officer told me that he was from the Broadway area and was probably looking for P Stone gang members. Unfortunately he didn't have a weapon on him--I know they were looking in yards on Racine to see if one was dumped.

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  5. I received a text from my neighbor across the hall who was home when it happened. 4 or 5 shots were fired in the alley between Magnolia and Racine. The cops came and found 4 shell casings in the parking lot of the Racine building that's close to Sunnyside. As far as I know, nothing was done because no one was hit.

    I am so sick of these jackasses shooting here in broad daylight with no fear! If you haven't already gone to the link for that CPD police lieutenant's blog that someone posted on UU, do so! Highly informative but depressing.

  6. just after 11, I saw all these cop cars racing up sheridan and i knew something was going on "up there."

    when will it end?

  7. Is there any Crimestoppers money or a way to offer a reward for arrest and conviction of gang related crimes? A few thousand dollars might be reward to compensate the apparent risk to providing the police with actionable information.

  8. I spotted Helen Shiller 1n the 4400 block of Malden today around 6:30. I was walking to my car and she was in a silver Honda Civic Hybrid, and appeared to be waiting for a friend.

    All I could say was "hi" as I drove by.

    I should have told her to watch out for stray bullets.

  9. Whats the story on getting the CHA to post up some armed guards around these section 8 buildings ?
    Could this be a viable way to reduce the shootings on the streets and areas around these buildings ? At this point, anything to stop these punks from shooting would help. The white T- shirt boys are not rocket scientists, but no one wants to shoot when someone is nearby, armed and prepared to return fire on them. I do not want to see gun battles in the streets, just a show of force to discourage the drawing of a gun in the first place. I realize that in some cases, they have fired shots with the Police on the block.

  10. I believe that we witnessed the aftermath of the shooting. We were walking on Kenmore, just south of Montrose, when two black males (both in their late teens or early twenties) ran around the corner from Montrose and across Kenmore. They slowed down, and exchanged something between them, while regularly looking over their shoulders frequently and nervously. Just as the two entered the gate at 4241 N. Kenmore, two cop cars roared down Kenmore ignoring the speed bumps. As soon as they were out of view, we called 911 and described them. We also stopped an officer in an SUV and told him what we saw. Was anyone apprehended?

  11. Uptown Revivalist....what you witnessed was probably one gang banger passing the gun to another gang banger. They do not hold on to the smoking gun they pass it off to the "shorties" or the girls.

    Antonio Sanchez Aka Baby Jesus (CVL) was arrested for criminal trespass when he jumped over the cemetary wall after the shooting. Thank God the cemetary signed complaints!!!! The gun was never recovered.

    If you see something suspcious after a shooting call 911 we are able to stop and frisk with less legal restrictions after a shooting then just stopping some gang bangers hanging out on the corner.

    We all know that the gang bangers all wear white t shirts to confuse police. Well when a shooting occurs and the callers describe a male black wearing a white t shirt just shot a gun...Guess what! We can legally stop and frisk everyone who is a male black wearing a white t shirt.

  12. Uptown Revivalist... what you witnessed was probably one gang banger passing the gun to another gang banger. The shooter always dumps the gun after a shooting so not to get caught with it. They usually give it to a "shorty" or a girl because they are less likely to be approached by police and shorties will be charged as juvys.

    If you witness something suspcious after a shooting call 911 and describe what you saw (NOT ANONYMOUSLY)

    Anonymous witnesses DO NOT hold up in court and probable cause will be thrown out. The gang banger will walk out of court a free man. The gang banger knows that without a witness he can not be prosecuted and the case will be tossed and he will be on the corner with his boyz gangbanging.

    We all know that the gang banger all wear white t shirts to confuse police and potential witnesses. After a shooting police have more legal leeway. If you call 911 and say that a male black with a white t shirt just shot a gun. The police have reasonable suspcion to stop and frisk all male blacks with white t shirts in the area.

    Antonio Sanchez AKA Baby Jesus was arrested for criminal trespassing after he jumped over Graceland Cemetary after the shooting. No gun was foubd.

  13. Pulled from the comments section on Second City Cop:

    Off topic but one of the reasons this department is so fucked up. In 023, at 11 AM Friday Vice Lords try to kill a kid by unloading on him right behind Truman College. Tac guys among others on view this and catch one guy right away and the other is immediately identified and caught later. The Area 3 worthless detectives won't even come out and investigate but repeatedly demand to be called an d then totally blow it off twice. I guess nothing ,the shell casings were picked up and misdemeanor charges all the way around. This job is a joke and we are our own worst enemy. No wonder they shoot at each other midday with no fear of recourse . We have no backbone.

    Pissed off 023 Sgt.

  14. Now this is infuriating, and definitely something to bring up at the next CAPS meeting if not sooner.

  15. I had no idea at the time that a shooting had taken place. I didn't hear any shots. I was just reporting suspicious activity (i.e. the running, exchanging stuff, looking over their shoulders etc). The 911 operator did not ask me for my name. I probably wouldn't have identified myself. In light of what you said Frustrated, I'd identify myself if I knew that things like what Lunchbox described didn't happen for obvious reasons.