Monday, August 23, 2010

No Wilson/Broadway Liquor Moratorium On The Agenda

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A reader sent in the agenda for this month's meeting of the Committee on License and Consumer Protection, where there's still no proposed ordinance by Ald. Shiller regarding lifting the package liquor moratorium from the Wilson & Broadway area.   We sure don't think adding carryout booze is good for that particular area; we're just surprised that Helen isn't trying to push it through.  Well, this month, at least.


  1. Well, I guess that is a positive. Now if we could only stay one step ahead of the drug dealers and gangbangers with some sort of PLAN so that when they move from the Wilson strip mall we can anticipate where they will go next and discourage it before it gets started. Would appear, from the weekend activity in front of the strip mall, a handful of youths with handcuffed and placed in da wagon. I guess we can already surmise they are moving West now. I brought up at the CAPS meeting that while the situation on Clifton was improved the same people moved to Wilson. I asked if there was a plan in place for what we would do when the strip mall improved. The response I received from the moderator was to the effect that I felt Clifton should not have been dealt with. Actually, I was yelled at as if I were in school. Anyone new to a CAPS meeting did not get a very inviting feeling. I would love to meet that moderator on the street on day and talk with him. I walk a red Doberman around daily if you read this blog.

  2. I think cops feel like they dont get enough credit for what they HAVE done.

    But hey, I also think some cops
    are too jaded and tired/beaten down.

    Well I dont go to CAPS meetings,
    because of this, I just talk to cops on the street after i have called 911.

    Thats all that makes sense to me.
    If you talk to cops without 911 call they say talk to CAPS, if you go to CAPS they say call 911.
    So what the heck, the protocol is call 911 and if the situation isnt horrible you can talk to them afterwards, but you can talk to them otherwise. Afterawhile if you are really involved you will know your cops.

    I know my cops on my block,
    they sometimes hangout at the Morse Gyros.

    Guys I dont know why you all dont demon dial the cops every 10-15 minutes from starbucks or wherever
    when there is loitering at the sunnyside mall.

    Thats what I do for my corner.
    The cops will see that the community isnt cool with the loitering.