Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man Shot On Magnolia, Found In Alley Behind 4425 Malden‏

Same Stuff, Different Day: Our readers tell us bad things were happening in the wee hours.
  • "I heard 4 to 5 shots fired at 4:25 AM this morning in the alley behind 4425 N. Malden. This is the same building where there was a drive-by shooting about two months ago. This is the same building that was mentioned at the last CAPS meeting, where the officer was unable to break up a gang party. Shortly after hearing the shots, I heard a young man yelling in pain. I called 911, and they were in route, within minutes, the police arrived and loaded him into an ambulance and started to tape off the crime scene."
  • "The officers are still on site, with yellow caution tape in the alley between 4425 N. Malden and 4418 N. Magnolia. There also appears to be an scene investigation in front of 4418 N. Magnolia. This is the same area where the Pizza Delivery guy was mugged a few weeks ago."
  • "The 4400 block of Magnolia was blocked-off by Chicago Police at 6:00AM (perhaps earlier) in an ongoing investigation. 12 evidence markers were on the ground on the west side of the street. Substantial police presence. If you are parked within the quarried off are – good luck. A DBGB (drive-by gone bad) or private matter – police were quiet on issue. At 7AM, police still there – investigation ongoing."
  • New:  A reader who lives on Magnolia witnessed the aftermath after shots woke him up.  The actual shooting took place in front of the 4422 N. Magnolia building.  He witnessed a young black male on the Magnolia sidewalk open the gangway gate (that has been broken multiple times by gang members who use this route to escape out the alley). He saw the shooting victim proceed out to the alley through the gangway, where he collapsed.  "This is a Voice of the People building that has several problem tenants, including a multiple felon who is currently on parole and living illegally with his mother. The gangs and violence won’t go away until the management of these properties stand up and do their job to provide safe affordable housing and not housing for their friends and relatives."
4425 N Malden is an address we've written about frequently in the past. Here are some stories:
  • There was a drive-by shooting shortly after 5pm last June:  a black Escalade was involved.  Plenty of people on the street and kids playing on the Sunnyside Mall while this happened just footsteps away.
  • Our legislator, Rep. Greg Harris - not our alderman - dealt with the CHA to get private security involved with that building in response to the troubles there this summer.
  • In the way-back machine:  In 1988, Ald. Shiller and JPUSA set up tents in a vacant lot at 4425 N Malden to protest the lack of affordable housing in Uptown.  Ald. Shiller got arrested; the vacant lot was converted into scattered site housing.  Given her history with the location, we're surprised Ald. Shiller isn't all over the violence that has plagued it this summer.  On second thought, she's nowhere to be seen, so ... no, we're not surprised at all.  Thanks, Helen.
Update:  CBS2Chicago covered this story, quoting from UU.


  1. There's also black glass (from a rear windshield?) near the western curb at Magnolia & Montrose. Anyone wearing flip flops or walking dogs over there should be careful... Even with their tough pads, I don't want my dogs walking on glass!

  2. I was awoke at about 4:20 this morning to what sounded like 7-9 shots. My condo back up to Broncho Billy Park, so I am assuming that there was more gunfire on Magnolia.

  3. I went for a run this morning and the police were already out there with the area taped off at 5:25AM. Had a number of the yellow placecard-looking things marking what I assumed to be casings.

  4. I encourage all readers to call Woodlawn Management and complain about the building. When a building like this is a problem, the management is not doing their job.

  5. I was up already and at my computer. At just past 4am I heard three bursts of loud shots. My wife heard someone yelling. I called 911. So did many others. Our upstairs neighbors heard it too. There was no sound of a car driving away so likely the shooter(s) was(were) on foot.

    The police told me they found 12 or so casings. The victim was hit once, had a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. Since it was dark no one saw what happened.

  6. Does anyone have the phone number for Woodlawn Management? I'm going to make my call to complain. I suggest everyone does the same.

  7. Even thou I do not live in that area of Uptown I sure will call and make a complaint to Woodlawn Management. I am really sick of this crap that always seems to involve, in one way or another, these Section 8 buildings all over our ward. Anyone have the correct number as I see 3 different Woodlawn Management companies listed? Each one I called acted like it is not their building.

  8. The number on the green plaque on the building is 773-262-6034.

    The last time I called, after the shooting at the building, I asked the woman on the phone if they screen their tenants. I was told "yes". She was defensive with me at first. There are clearly problem tenants in that building and problems are likely to follow them wherever they go.

  9. This is a Voice of the People building and is jointly managed by Metroplex, whose corporate offices are in the AON building.

    Deborah Clayborne is the Executive Director for all Voice of the People properties. The telephone number for V of P is 773-769-3116

  10. I think this is something that we should be asking each of our aldermanic candidates about.

    "What would you do to fix 4425 N. Malden?"

  11. Whatever happened to the Gang & Drug Report form? We used this form in the past to get rid of two males who were living illegally with their grandmother on Racine. They were conducting a very busy drug business out of grandma's.

    Many neighbors filled out the Gang & Drug report and turned them it at the CAPS meeting. The police are required to follow up and report at the next CAPS meeting on these reports.

    You need specific information, including names, unit number.

    It took months of constant pressure, but guess what, grandma's boys don't live with her any more and the daily traffic, hanging out, fighting, etc is gone.

    The gangs are so deeply entrenched, often with connections to people who manage the property, sometimes their relatives are on the board of the "Affordable Housing"-so the other tenants live a code of silence and fear.

  12. Clarification: The shooting happened in the alley between 4425 Malden (CHA) and 4416-4422 N Magnolia‏ (Voice of the People). We are hearing that the victim exited the alley through the gangway onto Magnolia.

  13. Living with "Grandma" could be public (section 8) housing fraud. People living in the units that or not on the lease. Putting the utilities in a different person's name, such as your kids. Reporting less income than your true income. These are examples of fraud. If you have any belief this is occurring contact the follow people. Your info may be the start an investigation.

    Assistant Bureau Chief
    Department of Public Aid
    Office of the Inspector General
    410 North Fifth Street
    Springfield, IL

    Mickey Tinder
    Telephone: 217.524.5106

    Alternate: Terry Mercer
    Telephone: 312.793.1750

    This is another method to bring pressure to the property owners and management companies. Remember between between 60 and 80 percent of the Section 8 rent is paid by the government. I should say by the tax payers.

  14. I just called the number for the Woodlawn Mngt company and was redirected to the following number: 773.769.1555. I called and spoke with a gentleman named Eric who was nice but gave me the usual spiel about how they are doing their best to address the situation and that probable cause is needed to investigate claims that unauthorized residents are living in their buildings. He also asked me for my name and contact info so that "I would be contacted with updates as to what was being done about the situation." He apologized for any inconvenience I was caused by a CHA resident which was nice and then advised me to also call 312.913.7266, the downtown offices of the CHA occupancy department. I did and got a recording asking me to leave a message.

    I agree with Catherine too. I think the Gang and Drug Reporting form is in order here too. Anything to not make it easy for them to exercise their stupidity.

  15. I was walking down the 4400 block of Magnolia and stopped to talk to a woman at 4416-4422 N Magnolia‏. I asked if if everything was okay. She said the back window of her minivan was shot out and the police were looking for shell casings. She lives in the 4416-4422 building and her van was parked in front of the building.

  16. When is the city of Chicago going to get serious about gang violence? It seems that all the cops can do now is respond to the events after they happen. This doesn't seem to be doing much good.

  17. "I called and spoke with a gentleman named Eric who was nice but gave me the usual spiel about how they are doing their best to address the situation and that probable cause is needed to investigate claims that unauthorized residents are living in their buildings"

    Repeated gun fire that did not occur on Malden for the 5 previous years that I have lived on this block is probable cause to me

    What exactly is being done to resolve the situation?

  18. This area was crawling with gang members yesterday. It had been a month or so since I saw people hanging around 4425 N Malden, but sure enough yesterday they were all over it. Bronco Billy yesterday looked scary at about 4pm. The fence along Magnolia was INFESTED with gang bangers. The CHA & CPD needs to sweep these buildings. There is enough probable cause with KNOWN drug dealers exiting in and out. Knock on everyone's door and let them know if the criminals are not out, then they will be.

    I agree with Eagle...what will each aldermen candidate do about 4425 N Malden?

  19. I asked 9 ways to Sunday, Bluestreak, and he was unable to give me a straight answer. So, something or nothing is what I came away thinking. But I can tell you he confirmed that lots of people were calling in to complain this morning. I wish I knew who lived in these buildings and caused all the trouble. I'd keep a better eye out. I have a couple of ideas but I'm not sure.

  20. This is a link to a blog written by a CPD lieutenant that explains what every one here feels. Daley, Helen and other City officials have turned this city into a breeding ground for Gangbangers and have fought all reason in controlling these Thugs.

    The author, John Andrews, is now under investigation by internal affairs, and knows he very well could lose his job for publicly criticizing those running the department. He minces no words in his blog or in his defense of it.

    "We have lost control of maintaining social order in many parts of Chicago, we are undermanned, we're wore out, staffing is at dangerous levels, leadership is absent and some of those who claim to be our leaders are incompetent," Andrews said.

  21. The person you need to e-mail is Jadine Chou, Asset Manager for the CHA. She was very responsive to our situation over on the properties on the 5000 block of N. Winthrop. We pressed for cameras accessible by the police on the inside and outside of the properties as well as 24x7 armed security. She was responsive and easy to work with so I would encourage to relay to her the issues you are dealing with and call a meeting of the community and ask her to attend. I believe the Magnolia property may be within her management portfolio.

  22. What 1-800-CRACK-44 ?? I've called them in the past when I lived on Magnolia and got fed up with Leland/Malden area.

  23. Fantastic article, thanks for the link Daniel28. I fully agree with it. Also, again, please note for those who continuously cite "statistics" that crime is down in Chicago. Remember that numbers can easily be manipulated.

    Remember that gang shooting in broad daylight on Broadway a couple of summers ago, where multiple shots were exchanged between rival gangs? You would think that would of gotten marked down as "attempted murder" or "illegal discharge of firearms" or whatever. But because there were no victims, and the cops didn't catch anyone (at that time, don't know if its changed since), it wasn't documented as a crime at all really, or at least not at the magnitude it should of been.

    I learned directly from Carol Boehmer that their statistics are based off of "how many 911 calls they receive, and an action resulted." Meaning an officer arrived on the scene and a suspect was either arrested, or confronted, or whatever. It does NOT include overall 911 calls received where no action had taken place either because an officer wasn't dispatched, or by the time the officer arrived, the suspect was gone. To me, it would be FAR more telling, and REAL if crime statistics were based off of 911 calls received period.

    How many gang bangers get off with "unlawful discharge" of a weapon when they should of received "attempted murder" charges?

    If you want to see the back end of this kind of manipulation, Netflix the entire series of "The Wire" the similarities to Chicago are staggering in terms of the corruption and the incompetence.

  24. Thirty - I'm about to start Season Three today.

  25. There is alot of false information being posted on this sight and talked about at these meetings.People cannot parole,get house-arrest or live in CHA and VOICE OF THE PEOPLE if you are a FELON!!Even if all this were true, how would someone that's not involved or not keeping tenant files confidential(WORKERS)talking about these things? People that live in some of these Condos on Magnolia are main buyers of drugs!Please don't forget to mention these people and their buildings.Uptown is the most diverse community in the USA.It is full of drug-dealers,drug-addicts,recovering-addicts,sex offenders,racist and bias people.Let's not focus so much on dogs,dog-parks and gay parades!People in all these block-clubs need to blog,posts,focus and put forth efforts to plan to help our troubled teens. You want dog parks instead of YOUTH CENTERS!! Every tenant of CHA and VOP are not the problem! Please stop talking like they are by saying these buildings are the problem.

  26. I noticed that a lot of comments are very true. I am a tenant of the building of 4425 N Malden and we hear everything that happens. Yes there is alot of crime BEHIND our buliding and on MAGNOLIA but I assure you that none of our tenants are involved from what we know. It is not our buliding. These boys come from all over Chicago. None of them live here. Two of them used to when they were young teens. One passed this summer, Aaron Carter, a young adult who was doing something good with his life til he turned his life around in a horrible way and the other, his parents live here but he doesnt. I still see him around though. I was awakened by the shootout on Magnolia around 4:20am and by the boy screaming in pain. WCDC DOES screen all of their tenants in my building. These boys are always running through our building from the police and our old housing owners didnt do much. They locked the gates in the back and the boys cut it everytime. I guess housing at the time gave up. Now that we have new management WCDC, they are trying but not good enough. They put up a new gate, but all the boys can do is reach over it to open it. Having a key is not good enough. I refuse fo my little on to be raised up in this area. This community is a great community and the people on Malden are great people, it's that alley and magnolia that is the problem. Our block has amazing people that I have met but the crime makes us look bad and our neighbors look at us as if we are bad people. It's sad to say, but I am ashamed and refuse to stay here. This is why I'm in school 24/7 and have been in school for years to make a difference as a lawyer and in the future more. This all needs to stop, because we are being labeled due to our ignorant cultured people. It's sad when a life is taken every few weeks during the summer.