Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's A Dry Heat (NOT)

A reader sent in these photos of the humidity rising from the park near Montrose Harbor in the early morning hours. We hope the tropical conditions and heat indices in the 100s are over with soon.  We love hot weather, but this past week has been brutal.


  1. So do I. It's WAY too hot out there. Feel sorry for those of you by the lakefront with the tropical conditions.

  2. Those pictures are hauntingly beautiful! All that mist reminds me of the fog in London. :-)

  3. Actually I have it on good authority, my imagination, that what you see there is the ghosts of Uptown's past glory rising from dere' slumber.

    "Arise ye, splendorifious wraiths and join us in an ethereal positive loitering experience."

    Where Uptown Past and Uptown
    Future come together in Uptown Present to celebrate the glory that was, is and will be Uptown.

    Dere's hope around these parts folks and even the specters of Uptown Past wanna join in on da fun.

    I'm picturing a reopened donut shop at the Wilson EL stop where the ghosts of Uptown past and the denizens of Uptown present sit down and drink to da future.

    Something like Edward Hopper painting the Wilson Stop at around 2am on a Saturday after the grand reopening of the Uptown Theater.

    A buccaneer can dream, can't he?