Monday, August 30, 2010

"Broadway Cafe" Robbed

We got some sad news on our Facebook page from "Broadway Cafe" owner Ajeliti Ekesa. The cafe was robbed last night. Let's hope a security camera somewhere captured the criminals on tape. If you haven't had a chance to stop in at 4716 N. Broadway for a smoothie or coffee, they really need your support now more than ever.


  1. Not sure if this was reported to UU, but about a week or so ago at 8am on my way to work, I saw a very similar scene in front of Carmela's near Lawrence and Broadway. The window to the door had been smashed out, and there were about 3-4 police cars investigating and waiting for the keyholder to arrive.

    I am going to make it a point to chose Broadway Cafe for a morning coffee this week.

    Sorry this happened to you guys...

    Hopefully the guys will be caught, but perhaps security cameras from Borders, the bank, or one of the other businesses right there caught something that might help us all recognize a pattern.

    If anyone caught this on tape, I would say share the tape so we can all be on the lookout.

  2. What a bummer. I will definitely be in this week.

  3. Must be break-in season. My girlfriend's car has been broken into 3 times within the last week and a half. Fortunately, the only thing taken was her plastic trunk cover (she has a hatchback). The frustrating thing is that her car is old and looks a little less than appealing to say the least. There is nothing in the car but old coffee cups and trash. These people will target anybody.

    Neighbors BEWARE!! This is all happening in the early morning hours when most of us respectable people are sleeping. I take a few minutes to scan out the window when I get up in the middle of the night to use the loo. I suggest you all start doing the same. I've broken up drug deals and scattered inebriated transients this way.

  4. I've recently seen a broken window at Blue Ocean (Leland and Clark). In the past I've seen Body Fit and Soggy Paws with broken windows. I wonder if it is a gang 'welcome to the neighborhood' message for new businesses?

  5. Wonder if anything got broke into Sunday morning when people say it was firecrackers going off not gun shots -maybe using firecrackers to cover up the sound of glass being broke.

  6. UA----just a suggestion. If your car has been broken into three times, maybe this is a clue that you should get all the coffee cups and other stuff out of the car. The bad guys don't know that it is useless stuff. You are providing the bad guys an incentive.

    How much time would it take to take a garbage bag out to the car and clean it out?

  7. I stopped the Broadway Cafe today, and they've happily been able to replace the glass in the door, but the cash register was smashed to the ground and has to be babied along.

    There was video of the break-in, but it's only clear enough to give a height/weight description, not an image of the criminal's face.

    Community support of this shop will continue to help a lot, so stop by and pick up some delicious beverages!

  8. stop in! i did and love my mango smoothie!