Thursday, August 19, 2010

Assault At The Dog Park

A reader writes:

"Would you please warn your readers that someone pulled a knife on my dog at the Buena Park Dog Park yesterday around 7:30pm. I don't know his name but he owns a Saluki named Genie that attacks other dogs. He refuses to keep her under control. Genie was attacking my dog as he chased his ball and when I told Genie's owner to control his dog, he replied, "I'll make sure it never happens again" and then knelt down beside Genie. He told me to go ahead and throw the ball and when I did my dog, thankfully, didn't go after it. This is when Genie's owner smiled and revealed a knife in his hand. I asked him rather loudly, "Are you SERIOUS??" and he just chuckled, folded the knife and put it in his back pocket."

We hope our reader called 911, which the police say to do whenever we feel unsafe.  An arrest would probably convince this guy to stay far, far away from the dog park.  We urge anyone who has had problems in Buena Park Dog Park to contact the Park Department as well.

UU Note:  "He's in his 40's, overweight, and is at the dog park at different times through the day and evening hours."


  1. 1. That's horrible. Sorry that you had to experience something like that.

    2. A description of the cretin would be extremely helpful.

  2. What did this person look like so we all know?

  3. Aren't there recent posts with photos about a threatening dog owner with an aggressive dog in the same dog park?

  4. Mea culpa! There was a description of the dog owner with the original email. It's been added to the post. (My copy-and-paste didn't work so well, apparently.) Sorry, all.

  5. I'm at the dog park all the time and know the dog Genie and it's owner. I've never seen Genie attack any dog that was outside the area of a normal dog tussle. Plus the owner is very good with controlling the dog if it gets upset/worked up; or they just leave the park. The owner is a little eccentric, but I really doubt his actions would warrant a call to 911 or the park district.

  6. We had many similar problems when we lived in Carbondale. It's a shame they've followed us here to beautiful Uptown!

  7. Pepper spray the guy and call the police.

  8. D:

    You can't fool me.

    I get it----Carbondale, "Little Egypt," Salukis are an Egyptian canine, and the mascot for Southern Illinois University.

    BTW: Nobody parties like SIU students!

    Maybe the owner attended or graduated from that school

  9. I met this dog and her owner at the dog park this past weekend. He brought her home from Iraq after serving a tour of duty there. Based off my one and only experience meeting these two, I would never have guessed they'd be the ones in this story. His dog was an absolute sweetheart to both me and my large breed puppy who pestered her to no end. The owner was a little eccentric but seemed thoughtful and a good guy.

    I'm not saying that the person who submitted this story is making this up, but am hoping that this was just a terrible misunderstanding and perhaps a terribly inappropriate attempt at humor.

  10. UU Note: "He's in his 40's, overweight, and is at the dog park at different times through the day and evening hours."

    Hell, that describes me. Add in the "eccentric" comment and it gets even closer.

    Of course my dogs are not that breed. They are Irish hunting dogs. They can find any bar or liquor store in a neighborhood within mere moments of entering the neighborhood for the first time.

  11. 1. T Rant, if someone pulls a knife, the police need to be called immediately. There is no excuse for this, eccentric or not

    2. I have had the same problem at that park with an owner of two Irish Setters... He has no control over them and it is to the point where we no longer go there out of fear....Large dog owners seem to have no regard for small dog owners and it is only a matter of time that someone sues the city over this park and it is closed permanently because a few bad owners will screw it for the rest of us..

    ..if you see someone that is being a poor owner, call them on it.. being there is a privilege not a birthright

  12. A 911 call is the correct response. Even a hint of threats with a knife is not to be tolerated. If I see this occur, the Police will be called and he will be followed until an Officer catches up with him and takes the knife.

  13. T Rant:
    Eccentric is one thing . I don't know how the law views pulling a knife on someone's dog . However, pulling a knife in a threatening manner towards a person is assault, plain and simple.

    Does anyone have info on pet assault?

  14. In what world, is pulling a knife on a dog eccentric and not dangerously crazy?!! TRant, you had a brain fart. We all get them. But this is definitely a 911 call and at the least a carrying a concealed weapon charge.

  15. Hold on! There's enough violence in this neighborhood already. Let's not escalate this. I know both men and both dogs. I see and talk to them often, and they are both good men to have in the neighborhood. I have never seen either dog out of control. It could be true that Genie's owner had a weapon - he once told me something to that effect. If that is the case, I hope he reconsiders. We want peace and respect on the streets and in the dog park for us and our four-legged friends.

    I ask both men to meet and settle this.

  16. I had a similar experience (minus the knife) with the same dog/owner last year. My dog and I were at the park and she was chasing a ball by herself when Genie suddenly attached unprovoked. The owner was very apologetic but we now avoid the park when they are already there and leave if they come in. I would add that the owner is Caucasian and has darker hair that is usually slicked back.

  17. Thanks to everyone for your support.

    To those who know the dog and owner in question, yes, they are both deceptively low key. Genie has not only attacked my dogs but also clients of mine, one of which is scared to even go to the dog park anymore.

    I've mentioned her aggressiveness to the owner before and his only response was, "Yeah, she's a real bitch."

    The owner (whose name and other stories I've heard about him were learned today) has never been anything but irresponsible and inattentive when we've had the unfortunate timing of being in the park together, but I never figured him to pull a knife on a dog. I mean, WHO DOES THAT????

    There was no misunderstanding, no attempt at humor, nor am I embellishing what happened. Although I should file a complaint with the police, and that option isn't off the table, I'd rather not have the situation escalate. He's crazy and he's armed and he lives across the street from me.

  18. RIGHT!! Back from Iraq and brought home, what looks like a pure bred dog. That doesn't add up. Dogs like that are not wondering the streets of Iraq. Sounds like this guy has some very serious problems.

  19. Kent: "Although I should file a complaint with the police, and that option isn't off the table, I'd rather not have the situation escalate. He's crazy and he's armed and he lives across the street from me."

    Then why did you post to UU? Do you know the owner doesn't read this site? Personally I would find a public shaming a bit more confrontational than a properly filed complaint. If you felt upset enough to post here you should, without question, call the police. If something were to ever happen a official record of the incident could prove useful.

  20. Is it me, or are Doggy Parks breeding grounds for trouble?

    Poorly trained animals; neurotic, irresponsible pet owners; and an unhealthy need to anthropomorphize out pets; are a volatile mix.

  21. This string is getting pretty amusing...

  22. Knotted, I can't predict how someone will or won't react to a public shaming as opposed to an entry on the police blotter.

    At this point, how would I even prove he had the knife? There were people there but they all acted like they didn't see anything, which they may not have since they were involved in their own conversation.

    This wasn't meant as a public shaming (much) but more of a way to warn other dog owners. I couldn't care less if he reads the board or if someone reports back to him. I actually hope he does or they do.

    His reaction is his choice. He can either keep his dog in check and keep the peace or become an a-hole of epic proportions and suffer the consequences.

    Not to mention, my experience with dealing with the police is spotty at best. They either treat you like you need their help of somehow make things YOUR fault.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go look up "anthropomorphize".

  23. ADDENDUM: His other choice is to no longer go to Challenger Bark since he now has a history of pulling a knife on other people's dogs. That would, of course, be preferable, especially since information came to light today which made it clear he was A)specifically targeting my dogs and B)sending a message of "If your dog decides to defend himself, I'll kill him."

    Yeah, I think we can work this out ourselves. If not, then he can get himself arrested...or rot in hell as far as I'm concerned.

  24. I wasn't say that a knife be pulled on you doesn't warrant calling the police. What I was saying is the guys is a off, and I doubt that what he did or said at the time needed to get the police involved. If that were the case, everyone in the dog park would be calling the police on this guy as he carries around a police baton with him every day.

  25. The previous comments that urged you to call 911 were correct. If there is someone out there with a knife and he has chosen to use it in a threatening manner warrant a call to the police. Let them make the decision as to what to do about the situation.

    You need to "arm" yourself with a legal piece of paper documenting that this occurred and that law enforcement authorities were contacted. Carry it with you in case anything happens again and you can reference the incident. Hope this helps.

  26. Whats next ? The knife is pulled on a dog owner ? Screw that. I will have him arrested, plain and simple.

  27. "Is it me, or are Doggy Parks breeding grounds for trouble? Poorly trained animals; neurotic, irresponsible pet owners; and an unhealthy need to anthropomorphize out pets; are a volatile mix."

    Amen, TimmyFitz.

  28. Wake up people! I've read in this thread, "a little eccentric, it could be true that Genie's owner had a weapon - he once told me something to that effect, scared to even go to the dog park anymore, he carries around a police baton with him every day, the guys is a off (huh?), I had a similar experience (minus the knife) with the same dog/owner last year, that doesn't add up".

    UU is EXACTLY the place we need to bring this up. Each thing in isolation doesn't hold much weight, but sharing the information and putting it all together does. I read UU to increase my awareness of what is going on in my neighborhood, so I can be better prepared to deal with what comes up. After reading this thread, I know if anything comes up with this cretin, I will not hesitate to call the police. I will not mistake it as a bad day or a mis-understanding. This is not an escalation or a public shaming. This is increased awareness of our surroundings. I say, thank you for for having the courage to bring this to my attention. I will be better prepared. It's being street-smart, baby.

  29. Kent, I'm with you on this one. The pooches R & R are too...

  30. It doesn't hurt to have the paper in your back pocket, especially if anything comes up. But don't lull yourself into thinking a piece of paper will arm you against a knife or police baton. It can inflame the situation. PepperSpray has it right, awareness and preparation. Awareness keeps you from second guessing yourself. Preparation trains your reaction. Read, "The Gift of Fear". Enough now, we're aware and can be prepared.

  31. According to the rules of Challenger Bark, it sounds like this guy is breaking at least a few of them:

    1) Owners are legally responsible for their own dogs and any injuries caused by their dogs.
    5) Dogs with a known history of, or who exhibit, dangerous behavior are prohibited.
    11) Cooperation between dog owners is essential.

  32. wow very interesting.

    its funny how people are afraid to call the cops.

    In my next of the woods in rogers park I know them personally, We have a love hate relationship.

    They know I have zero tolerance and i call for bangers and all sorts of stuff.

    Anyways. You call the cops so things DONT escalate. How is calling the cops going to escalate things. If you feel personally threatened you have to do that.

    Its his fault not yours. And especially since he lives near you, you have to call the cops if you are in danger. To calm him the hell down.

    Cops sure, they have bad days, I dont let up on them though. I let them know if they are doing a good job or not, and its a tough job. But overall they do ok.

    Im a chronic cop caller.

  33. The guy in question is a bit strange, but we've had decent conversations before. I've seen him in my alley and I believe I know which building he lives in.

    And I just find it funny that I'm seeing all these people post about this guy. I'm positive I've talked to a majority of you at the park, but strange to see so many people post here, and I have no idea who you are. :-)

    ...didn't even know Challenger Bark had a website.

  34. As a somewhat objective observer of this sometimes amusing and at other times dimwitted thread I submit the following:

    The original post smacks of passive-aggressive undertones and seemingly non-verifiable data. You confirmed this in later posts admitting to attempting to "shame" someone in a public forum. Passive-aggressive can be helped. Have you sought therapy?

    Granted, this incident, if it did in fact occur or occur as you so faithfully claim it did has a multitude of inconsistencies and an enormous amount of subjective "imagination" for a lack of a better descriptive nomenclature.

    *Other people were in the park but no one else has stepped forward to support your claims. You even admit to asking, loudly, "Are you SERIOUS?" Unless of course you didn't. Then that begs the question what else may be possibly not true?

    *You waited 17 hours before posting your rant. You spoke with my wife on the street alluding to the "incident" but never mentioned anything outright when she apparently did not provide you data you were seemingly so desperately looking for to shore up your position.

    *An "assault" occurred but you, nor anyone else, summoned the police. Now the credibility is rapidly dropping. Oh, the, "I've had less than positive results with the police argument," is without merit. If the incident really did occur your past experience with law enforcement is a non-issue. Of course this is negated if you have a history of possessing a vivid imagination and perhaps have told an untruth to the police. If that's the case you have no credibility with them either.

    *If the other person's dog or person made you feel uncomfortable, unsafe, etc., why didn't you call the police and or leave? We already know you didn't call the police. Did you stay or go? Details are the hallmark signature of a good con and it seems as though perhaps you cannot offer enough details to lend credibility to your statements.

    *You know where this guy lives? Across the street from you? If, it did happen, as you claim (with no witnesses or supporting evidence) why not get a restraining order? Of course, if it didn't happen and you seek such an order you open yourself up to a slew of potential legal issues.

    *I notice that you, nor anyone else, listed the guy's name even though according to the posts at least some of the posters know him. Is it fear of legal action (libel, slander, defamation of character) that prevents you from stating the "truth" as you see it? If it's true you should have no compunction in stating so. Of course if it's not true you open up Pandora's Box. So tell us, is it bovine feces or not?

    *I have met the man being vilified. Yes, in my opinion, he's a different kind of normal but is at the same time a gentle soul and gentlemen. He is, by the way, a verifiable war hero decorated in combat for bravery and valor. If you read something other than your own posts on the internet you would be aware of that.

    *I happen to know, for a fact, his dog is a service animal. Ouch! Trained service animals do not normally exhibit the type of behavior you claim. Granted, anything can happen and I was not there. Regardless, it chips away at your non-existent credibility.

    *You seem to stoke the fires of this post when it seems to suit you. I fully anticipate you'll do the same, again. Don't bother contacting me about it as:

    I do not wish to hear what I consider your subjective rant and seemingly personal vendetta -

    I am a veteran myself and will not tolerate another veteran, much less a decorated vet, be slammed in the court of public opinion without cause -

    You have zero, zip, nada, zilch, credibility and as such your musings carry no weight.

    I wish all of you the best in life, health, and happiness. Be safe.

    Oh, by the way, I'm law enforcement and patrol the area in question.

  35. Trevor, you are obviously not objective since you clearly have a boner for veterans. I'm a veteran. You should come over some time. We could have some wine, put on some music. Really give me something to talk to your wife about.

    I don't need to, nor intend to, defend myself to you or anyone else.


    Because he pulled. A knife. On my dog!

    What sort of personal vendetta could I POSSIBLY have against this man? I don't even KNOW this guy.

    Sober up. Go to bed.

  36. Oh, hold on there!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe "Trevor" is our esteemed Knife-opath!

    Hey, listen, you know I was trying to keep the peace and deal with this among neighbors but since you clearly can't handle that sort of adult activity, I think I'll just go ahead and take everyone's advice and file the complaint.

    Happy now?

  37. Oh, and by the way Knife-opath aka Trevor, let me give you the new rules of Challenger Bark. You will adhere to these rules or the police will be notified. I think you will find them to be very reasonable:

    A) If I am in the park, you will not enter until I leave.

    B) If you are in the park and I arrive, you will gather your dog and leave immediately. We are only there for about 20 minutes so go find something to do until we leave. (This is, of course, if you are not banned from the park after I file my complaint)

    C) You will control yourself and your dog at all times. If anyone has the slightest problem with you or Genie, the police will be called.

    Neighbors on Kenmore have lived here for years, some for decades. We all know each other and have each others' backs. I've lived here since before there was even a dog park and since it's been built it has served as a mostly uneventful place for people to enjoy.

    No one is going to rearrange their lives or schedules to accommodate some johnny-come-lately inbred jerk who doesn't have the common decency to keep his psycho dog off other dogs who simply want to chase a tennis ball.

  38. The dog park already has a set of rules, and your desire to create a new set to suite your personal needs seems rather selfish.

    It's not that I've got a boner for veterans, or that I'm secretly Genie's owner. My issue with this entire situation leads me to a similar conclusion as Trevor.

    I have been to Challenger Bark no less than 300 times, having seen the wide range of dogs, and owners.

    I have been at the dog park with Genie at least 100 times and have never once seen her display any aggressive behavior to any dog or person in the park.

    I have been at the dog park with you and your dogs at least 50 times and I must say, your dogs make me and everyone who I have ever heard voice their opinion uncomfortable.

    Not only do your dogs display aggressive behavior to any dog who tries to interact with them while in said dog park, they steal and destroy balls that don't belong to them, they leave a disgusting heap of slober all over the park, and I have personally had an experience where I was playing with my dog and your dog started incessantly barking and growling at me because I had a type of ball that I no longer bring to the park, specifically because of you. (No one is going to rearrange their lives or schedules to accommodate some ... well you) My dog and I rearranged our lives for you.

    So stop ranting, stop accusing, and after filing your claim, maybe try thinking about the impact you and your dogs are having on everyone else in the park as well.

  39. Interesting. Trevor/Richard or whatever, I've never had a problem with Kent's dogs. Yes, they are focused on tennis balls, but aggressive toward other dogs or their owners? No. Don't deflect. The problem is you carrying a concealed weapon and pulling it out in a threatening manner. Period. You thought you would intimidate, but you change your story when you were called on it. There are words for that, bully, coward, etc.,...take your pick.

  40. And Richard,

    Let's say you're NOT Genie's owner.

    Do you really consider not bringing a toy to the dog park rearranging your life or schedule? Really?

    Leaving heaps of slobber in the park, is that really something you feel warrants someone pulling a knife on my dog? Seriously?

    You clearly have issues with me and my dogs, which is fine. I have issues with one or two dogs and their owners myself but we make it work one way or the other. It's what adults do. Sane, rational adults.

    We don't pull knives on each other or the dogs.

    You're not going to justify someone doing that by attacking me. You should be ashamed that you even tried.

  41. Since this is now turning into a private conversation, and not a community discussion, I respectfully request it be taken elsewhere else... maybe to the UU Forum?