Friday, August 13, 2010

Adopt Me

The CTA has revised their "adopt-a-station" program. This might be a good idea for Uptown block clubs and organizations to check into. Should Target "adopt" the Wilson L? Why not shoot an email to Target District Team Leader Jeff DeMoss at
Regardless, something needs to be done. Our station is sitting vacant and in shambles with no clear plan or timeline for construction to begin. Read more here


  1. Programs like this are a great idea. But... and I hate to sound negative, but it would most likely be a waste of money. The moment the walls are freshly painted, the fresh graffiti will go up.

  2. I disagree. The whole point of this renovation is to attract tenants to move into the storefronts. in their current state several of the interiors are unrentable with insufficient utilities, mold, years of neglect... Restoration of a historically important building is only added bonus. Whatever the neighbors can do to assist would have huge impact on the neighborhood!

  3. Cmon timothy you are being super negative.

    Hmm I guess you could just paint the walls again.

    Graffiti again, oh no.
    Paint again.
    Graffiti again, oops
    Paint again.
    Call 311 on demon dial as well
    never hurts.
    And so on.
    Wow I have discovered a defeatist on this website.