Friday, July 30, 2010

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

At least one of Uptown's aldermen remembered what it's like to be a public servant instead of a despot.  Read what happened when a group of residents didn't like a proposed plan, formed a group, collected petition signatures, and hired a lawyer:  Ald. Schulter (47th Ward) met with them, heard their concerns and amended the plan.

46th Ward residents can only dream of such a bizarre and unrealistic situation.


  1. I love how the commenters attack the "NIMBY"s while ignoring the fact that the city also benefits from higher property value.

    Property owners are a very valuable part of the public funding ecosystem.

    Without them, how do we fund our schools and social programs?

  2. In my opinion, the people who own homes in a community have the highest say on the development of the community... why is this so hard to grasp? To say that a gangbanger who just works the streets, spreading drugs and violence, is as much a member of the community as someone who works a solid job and has bought a home.. well, that is an argument I just cannot get behind. If I own property, I am investing in a community. If I am shooting up property, I am not.