Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who's Working It?

A reader writes in yesterday: "I was just in the mood to do a little research today to see which candidate for alderman was taking advantage of social networking.  Thought you might find this interesting...  This is as of today and based on links on their websites or searches on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa."


  1. Popularity on their websites does not prove they are and would be the best canidate for me. I want to see what their history is and what accomplishments they have done for our ward and for how long they had a interest in it. Someone who never really cared about our ward until election time is not my kind of canidate.

  2. What about Hellen's social networking? Maybe all those homeless and gang bangers that she keeps getting "affordable housing" for follow her on twitter and facebook.

    Or maybe not.


  3. You make a great point, wiseguy. But, what's interesting about this is that it shows which candidates are actually getting their word out on "what accomplishments they have done for our ward and how long they have had an interest in it." It's obviously up to each individual to decide for whom they will vote. But, the more aggressive a candidate is about getting their message to as many voters as possible (through whatever means available), the better chance they have of being elected. I think this just shows the aggressive nature of the campaign and might be a message to those candidates not taking advantage of social networking to work a bit harder. People (aka potential voters) do have to "opt in" to each candidates' the number, or popularity, is least it should be for opposing candidates/campaigns.

  4. Ditto, WiseGuy. I'm excited that we have people motivated to beat Helen. I really hope that this time, the right person, who loves Uptown and is committed to it, wins :)

  5. Graph is wrong. Phelan has zero facebook fans, i.e. no campaign site on facebook. The 1500+ is her personal page. Big difference

  6. One of my nieces has over 1000 friends on her Facebook page.

    I don't think the number of "fans" means a whole lot at this point.

    The aforementioned niece is too young to LEGALLY drink and is thankfully not going to shame us by running for alderman.

    Any of the five people mentioned, except Gerald Farinas, likely can run a credible campaign.

    It's goin' to take organization, cash, and lotsa hard work.

    We'll see how it plays out.

  7. At least they have a Facebook page. I don't see Shiller with one.

    Shiller is using Google Analytics on her web site.

    Funny. She cares about the number of hits on her web site, but doesn't address the number of people injured and killed in her ward.

  8. Helen Shiller is on Facebook.

    You just need to have a crack staff of internet wizards to find it.

    For some reason it doesn't appear in a normal Facebook search.

    There is also a link to this non starter of a Shiller Facebook page.

    That was found in a link to one of her staffers.

    If she runs, which I consider unlikely, I have a whole 60 gallon drum of internet campaign whoopass which I will unleash.

    Alas, Nowotny will be a poor substitute for my Shiller scorn.

  9. Oh, geez, all my blood just ran cold.

    "If you have a passion for Alderman Helen Shiller..."

    Thanks for the link, IP. You have chilled my marrow.

  10. Notice that 1 of Shiller's 85 friends is the one and only Jan "Dump it in Uptown" Schakowsky. Remember that the next time you vote.

  11. TSN,

    I was surprised with that Shiller link too.

    For a moment it made me think she might be considering running.

    The joy of watching her go down to defeat would sustain me for years. It might add half a decade to my life. After all happy pirates are generally long lived pirates! I might be the first male in my family to reach age 60 without dying either of liver failure or a farm accident tied to alcohol use.

    Plus trying to figure out how a five way race with Shiller would play out would be fun.

    My guess as of this moment is that she is NOT running and is supporting Nowotny.

    I don't give Donny much of chance against either the Capplemaniac or the Mighty Molly in a runoff. With Carroll I'm just not sure. I don't know how the po po thang is going to play in this ward.

    I guess time will tell.

    Now if Shiller really wanted Donny N to win she would resign and convince Daley to appoint the Donster.

    Then Alderman Donster would run like hell from the Shiller legacy and try not to let himself be portrayed as the machine guy or old incumbent.

    So much of the campaign "energy" of this ward is directed against her that methinks that would be his only chance.

    As of now he'll be portrayed as just another machine hack and he won't have a real opportunity to refute it with actions.