Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Uneasy Evening In Uptown

Emotions are running high all over the neighborhood.  There's been a memorial set up on Magnolia where the shooting took place, and there's a steady crowd, with police keeping an eye on things.  People who knew Aaron Carter are paying their respects.  Feelings are raw, and those who are grieving their loss need to be left to do it; if you don't have business on Magnolia, our advice is to stay away until things cooler heads prevail.

We're also hearing that there are skirmishes all over the ward, with frequent fights, including at the site of the shooting.  Police are all over the place, with assists from the 20th and 19th Districts.

A reader writes:  "Just drove home, passed through Magnolia. At the spot where the gentleman was murdered yesterday there was a large crowd of 30-50 people, a red balloon arrangement (just happens to be a P-stone color, perhaps it was an accident but methinks not), etc.  It was sad (always is for those left behind when life is lost), but it was also pretty intimidating.

I spoke to several police officers last night who explained the situation (fighting over turf, stolen car, drive-by, etc) and also were pretty clear that retaliation wouldn't surprise them at all. My question (and perhaps one of the officers who reads could help with this) is do we know who the players were more specifically? That the murder happened was tragic enough, but it would be even worse if someone innocent got shot in retaliation. Not to fear monger, but as a pedestrian it would be helpful to know which gang was behind this, and the corresponding geographical area in Uptown. GDs? CVLs? I want to know where to avoid for the next few days at least .... most of the shooters aren't nearly so accurate."


  1. Cops are trawling Magnolia every 5 minutes. Amazing to experience Magnolia/Wilson mall loiter-free.

    However, about a half hour ago, 15-20 people congregated at 4540 and someone who seemed to be the brother of the victim was going crazy (kept shouting "they killed my brother" "I don't care about no f@#$ing swag" as others kept telling him to "keep moving"). I called 911 and a cop was there in a couple minutes. That car called for reinforcements and within a minute 3 other cars were on the scene and the mob disbursed.

    Been a little nuts. Earlier there was an incident with about 3 cop cars around 7 PM too with a bunch of people shouting. Later there was one woman pentacostally praying extremely loudly for about 10 minutes. Calm at the moment... don't hesitate to call 911 if you see anything.

  2. Maybe a perfect time for Shiller to exit stage right. Watch for an announcement as early as Monday.

  3. Glad I'm leaving this weekend! This is ridiculous...

  4. this is where exactly "kates detectives" car always park 24/7 I have no doubt that they seen the crime happen.

  5. "Not to fear monger, but as a pedestrian it would be helpful to know which gang was behind this, and the corresponding geographical area in Uptown. GDs? CVLs? I want to know where to avoid for the next few days at least .... most of the shooters aren't nearly so accurate."
    -Frustrated 50 gave a good run down of the gang situation. See his comment under the UU post
    "Aftermath of a murder".

  6. Are pictures of Aaron and the other victim on-line? It'll remind everyone that someone's father/son/brother was killed.

    How is the second victim doing and is he cooperating with police?

    Is there any chance that this will be a wake-up call for gang members? Gang life ends in jail or worst for so many people. Are there any services to counsel gang members who want to get out? Some must be thinking they don’t want any part of this.

    I'm out of town but can imagine the mood. I live on that block and heard the gunshot that killed someone in 2002 or 2003 (it was on Sunnyside between Magnolia and Racine early afternoon on a Saturday). It was sad to see family and friends in the street grieving. Someone yelled at me: "What the f&$k are you looking at? My brother was just killed." That hit home that even though they’re gang members and possibly criminals, they’re still humans.

    After that murder some of the “regulars” moved away, there were some CHA evictions, and the quality of life improved.

  7. Dear Momma,

    Remember when you told me not to testify,
    You said only more would die,
    You said it would only increase division,
    Now I think the story needs a revision,

    Did you raise me right,
    To put the losses out of sight,
    Pretend nothing happens every night,
    To change my people's plight,

    Maybe you were wrong,
    Maybe you didn't want to belong,
    Singing the same old song,
    About how the man strings you along,

    So among the constant fray,
    Where the more we pray,
    To Live another day,
    Perhaps the natural way,

    Your down to one son now,
    Did we make you proud,
    We're outside screaming a loud,
    While we put another one down,

    The Only Son Now

  8. It's too bad that the gang members, including Aaron Carter, fail to consider that their lifestyle will eventually lead to their kids growing up without a father. This just perpetuates the cycle.

    The second gang member who got shot was on crutches last night on Sunnyside Mall. It looked like a TAC squad was speaking with him then drove off. As soon as they left, he got on his phone. Not long after that call (and after the unit was around the corner) some other gang members came out of hiding to walk with him. Cooperating? I'm guessing not.

  9. I'd like to express my regrets for Aaron Carter's early death and sincere condolences to his family and friends. I am sure many people in the community feel these thoughts.

    I would like to invite Mr. Carter's family and friends to renounce gang violence and promise the community that they will not engage in retalitory behavior.

    I would like to see Mr. Carter's family and friends reflect upon what they are doing to prevent drug abuse and how the sales of these substences drain the lives of a whole community.

    While I certainly support providing clean and safe affordable housing, I also believe people who live in affordable housing in our community need to support their community by not engaging in dangerous gang activities and drug dealing that in the end can harm innocent neighbors.

    While a candlelight vigil can all give us pause to reflect, in the end, if nothing changes, all we have left is a burnt out stub of a candle to remind us of a life that could have been a beacon.

  10. The gangmembers shot are not the victims... we are. The fact that the community is uneasy walking near that corner is a pretty good indication.

    And now tonight a prayer vigil. Wow.

  11. I agree completely here John.

    Seriously, the person killed had a wrap sheet of priors. He wasn't doing anybody any good. And honestly, had if he had been carrying a firearm, he would have done the same thing and then we'd be talking about the same thing, different person.

    I won't feel sorry for anyone that choses to be a drain and society and not improve their situation. This would be a sad story had he been doing something to to turn his life around.

  12. Are there any consequences for not cooperating with the police? Why is it not an issue when a witness or victim chooses not to cooperate? I thought that was against the law? Purgery?

  13. Ditto John and Eric. I feel bad for the kids but at some point those kids gotta look at the world and figure it out. We've all had tough times one way or another; some rise up and others fall down. A shame? Sure. But don't get confused on who are the victims of gang activity.

  14. Aaron Carter was in the gang right? So he's one of the people who has been terrorizing my neighborhood? Why are we all feeling sorry for him? Shouldn't we be shaming him and his family for all the problems they've caused our neighborhood?

    I'm sorry, but on this one, I can't agree with the rest of you. Aaron decided to dance with the devil, so he deserved what he got, I just wish he got it in another ward.

  15. I feel the same. They are gang bangers and yet people who complain the most about feeling unsafe to walk the streets and why nothing is done. Offering them prayer and feeling sorry for the usual consequence that results from these gangs. I sure wish people would make up their mind of either fighting to get rid of gangs so the streets become safe or praying for them to gang bang another day. They will see plenty of pitch forks where their going and as far as I am concerned it`s not soon enough.

  16. Let's talk about gangs...

    The violence will not stop because of Aarons death. The activity will only escalate. If the shooters are caught, They will be considered a hero by their vice lord peers.

    There is a big network of gangs in jail that look out for their own. Bangers aren't afraid to go to jail when they know they will be protected by their affiliates behind bars. They will sit in jail and get high and party and plot their next move against the enemy. They learn how to make weapons out of the materials they find in jail, and sometimes kill a person on the inside to gain more power.
    What's happening on the outside is happening even more on the inside.

    But let's get back to Aaron... I'm sure he was a loyal servant to his gang. He was probably a good son and a protector of his family and friends. But that's what gangs members do. Mafia sons treat their loved ones like kings and queens.. They kiss mom on the cheeks in the morning, then peel the skin off of their enemies at night.

    Aaron was a casualty of the war going on in our streets.

    A vigil is a nice gesture for those lost in this war, but it's not going to come close to stopping it. The gangs don't care about a group of squares holding candles walking down their streets.

    They will sit back and let us mourn tonight just like we let Aarons family mourn on Magnolia last night.

    It's when we are able to mourn together that we will start to see change.

  17. I find two things ironic. 1) people mourning the fact that his kid(s?) will grow up without a father. Seriously, if Daddy was a banger, with a rap sheet, it's all for the better. And what makes anyone think he was any kind of father in the first place. Amazing how you have to get a license to cut hair, but not to have kids.

    2) Amazing how much attention his death gets. Where were all these people when he was alive, gang banging, dealing drugs etc? The hypocrisy is astounding, though not unexpected.

  18. This isn't about who deserves to be mourned and who doesn't. We're falling into the same trap that Helen wants us to fall into if we focus on who the good guys are and who the bad guys are.

    When there is a murder, we are all affected. We all lost something, even a loss of feeling safer on our streets.

    Coming together will show all the different sides that we stand together and admit that violece affects us all and we're saddened by it. Period.

    The guy heading this up may say some wonderful things about this guy who died. I don't care. I still mourn the fact that violence has touched our community again.

  19. Why do I have the horrible feeling that that vigil is going to be played up as a vigil for a "victim?" I sure hope the news media portrays this as it is ... a gangbanger who died in a GANG shootout.

  20. If I had to make an educated guess as to where the retaliation will occur it would be in the Vice Lord Nation. It is suspected that the P stones did the Clarendon Park shooting. The taser incident was also between the P Stones and Vice Lords. I haven't seen much action from the Gangster Diciples lateley. So my educated guess is that the violence will occur near Clarendon Park, 4500-4600 Hazel 800-1000 Sunnyside, 800-1000 Windsor, 4500-4000 Sheridan or 800-1100 Wilson. Where ever you see a large group of Vice Lords concentrated because the P stones will want to kill as many of them as possible...not necessarly the shooter of Aaron Carter.

  21. Wow!!! I just posted where I think the retaliation would occur then I hit the back button on my browser and there is a new post about shots fired at Hazel and Sunnyside...just where I predicted. I need to be running this District!!!!

  22. I'd rather just have you running the ward Frustrated50.

    And on that note I'd like to add that even if a decent candidate wins the next aldermanic election (God willing)'s going to take sometime to un-do this socialist experiment.

  23. Frustrated 50 for Commander of 023 ! With all of these shots, I need to stop sleeping near the window.