Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Neighborhood Is Alive

Seen on the northwest corner of Broadway and Wilson.


  1. I can't think of a better visual representation for what Helen Shiller has built here in Uptown.

  2. Welcome to Wilson Yards. Our neighborhood is alive and full of the gangs listed which could make your visit hazardous to your health!!!

  3. Almost every gang is representin'. Nice.

  4. This should be the monument to her legacy! Hilarious. Someone should move this sign in front of her office.....

  5. Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood, like gang graffiti. Makes me want to sell my home and rent a studio on Sheridan Rd.

  6. Suggest we take MANY pictures and send them to the Alderman's office asking to have the "This" removed.

    No commentary or explanation...

    And CC Target and show them when welcomes visitors from the North to their new store.

    As anyone else notices how the new lightpoles they have put up so far are scribbled with vandalizem already? I thought at first they were construction makes, but no such luck.

  7. Wow the Trib actually has a better blog now. A blog where people can post what they think vs only getting posted when this "blog" feels it fits His/her's view.

    Take a look, the trib is a better forum now.

    On this poor, gansta. Shiller knows she has indirectly control of this site.

  8. The above post was changed by this board. Nice!!! Basically took out most of the un PC. This site shoud be called ONLY PC UPDATE. I it does not fit UU's view, it does not go up.

  9. Wishinevercamehere...

    Listen up.

    1 - We cannot edit comments. Period. It's not a feature of Blogger, although it is of WordPress. On Blogger, we have only two options on comments: "Publish" or "Reject." Ergo, your "post above" was not edited or tampered with by us. It's simply not possible using this software.

    2 - As I've mentioned here several times before, if you want to ask why a comment of yours wasn't put through, please write to us at the Hotmail account. People do all the time.

    3 - Get over your persecution complex. You've "quit" this board many times, only to return and say how abused you are. If you don't like UU, don't read it. If you want to read it, don't play the "poor me, I'm being silenced" card. Especially when it's not true, as in your most recent expedition into Tortured Martyr Land.

    If you want a forum to be all about you! you! you! -- start a blog. It's easy and it's free, and you'll learn the features on comments, rather than making shit up to make you look like a victim.

    4 - We're done putting through posts about how abused you are. Man up.

    5 - If you think this board is now a Shiller mouthpiece... you need help, dude.

    6 - Enjoy Independence Day. xoxo

  10. Man,

    and I thought I had hallucinations after drinking too much.

    Happy 4th to one and all.

    Even the conspiracy theorists.