Tuesday, July 20, 2010

LEN Goes To The Target Opening

The giddy trio of Rich Daley, Peter Holsten and Helen Shiller
(courtesy of Lake Effect News)
Lake Effect News went to the "Grand Opening" of Target today and wrote all about it.  "Shiller Giddy At Opening of New Wilson Yard Target."

Read how the Mayor says we'll all "soon forget" about the controversy surrounding Wilson Yard.

Read about how Peter pleases the Uptown constituency.

And bonus points:  Helen says "critical mass."  No sign, however, of "lazy lanes," which is a major disappointment.

Read LEN's article here.


  1. “Target didn’t come here free – they had to pay.”


    How much?

    And, how much good will did he let evaporate by waiting until Target was open to say to tell us that?

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if "affordable" could be decoupled from "stray gunfire?"

  3. Too bad our elected leaders didn't think that this public opening was something the public was supposed to be invited too. Oh well, we get to read that self-congradutulatory press release and will, no doubt, get to see the photo-op pictures in their campaign fliers in the upcoming election.

    After all, all we did was pay for it.

  4. I wonder how many armed guards the mayor had around him. He seems to not like us armed but it is ok for his safety. He says we will forget?
    I surely won`t when we vote Shiller out of office and maybe him too.

  5. I cant wait to see Shiller and her quest for low income housing out the door. It was great to see Richie also talk about the need for more police but how they cant afford to hire more. I would have glady seen an emply lot on that corner if it meant several hundred more cops on the street. Dailey had a good run, but as seen in the WGN Poll yesterday people arent happy with the voilence in the city and they are wanting change. I tought it was a bit much to bring in the National Guard, but now I would welcome the idea.

  6. “Target didn’t come here free – they had to pay."


    How much?

    Yo, it was at least $1,000.00, according to Shiller's D-2.:

    1000 Nicollet Mall
    Minneapolis, MN 55403
    12/3/2008 Individual Contribution
    Citizens for Shiller

  7. trib is trying to scoop LEN saying that Phelan is running against Shiller: The group that filed the lawsuit, Fix Wilson Yard, argued that the issue is that tax dollars generated by Target and the other shops in the new development will not benefit local schools or the community, said Molly Phelan, an organizer with the group who is running for alderman against Ald. Helen Shiller, 46th.

  8. That photo, is one of the most awkward 'photo op's' I've ever seen.

    Yes, the 'Target was worth it'.....that's undeniable, but what about the forced monstrosity just south of this?
    And what about the cloak of secrecy Uptown was subjected to?

    That said, sorry, but the photo made me giggle....

  9. Glad you decided not to go all negative and confrontational, UW.

    You know what I'd like? I'd like to see you comment on any of the many, many positive articles and comments that UU runs. Just once. Of course, that means you wouldn't be able to swoop in and tsk-tsk in 100% of your posts. How wearisome it must be to live and interact with people you feel need correcting all the time.

  10. TrumanSN, I think the post is what it is...this is what happened. The 'ingredients' are what they are.

    --We love, and welcome Target
    --We don't love how this all came about, and the seeming lack of communication and 'connection' that emanated from our local Ward office.

    I think the 'mystery' and granite like 'opaqueness' up here, work every last nerve.

  11. Ooops! Sorry TSN, I confused your comment about UW with UU!
    Nevermind! :)

  12. Alright Wiseguy...enough already.

    We get your point. You own/want to own handguns legally.

    Awesome. I have no qualms with that at the moment.

    But that being said, between you & me. Do you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?

    Let it go, and register your stuff when you can. Or don't...I don't give a damn either way...but I'm already regretting relegating you the opportunity time and time again lately to read your xerox-like posts that are neither new, nor of real current community value beyond the obvious.

    And if yous still gottsa problems...lemmee tell yous sum-ting...yous gots two problems...da seconds ones is dat I don't give a damn abouts ya firsts. Soes fuhgeddaboudit, huh?!!??!

  13. Target got a free ride.

    They bought their building for $6,000,000, but they were able to set up a shell LLC corporation that magically got $6,000,000 in government subsidies to open a store in a low income neighborhood.

    Coinky dink that the purchase price and the amount of money in government subsidy were nearly the same?

    I dunno.

    But however you add up the numbers, the net is just about zero.

  14. Responding to Uptown Writer:

    * I'm not saying that affordable begets violence. I do believe that there's a correlation between low socioeconomic status and violent crime. (Sorry -- I don't have a good reference for you at the moment.)

    * It _is_ too bad that some people assume that affordable always means criminal. To assume that it means criminal more often than average, though, seems reasonable to me.

    * I believe that some condo owners are poor-people-hating racists. Must be a few of 'em, right?

    Anyway, it's too bad that so much thinking is guided by simple-minded stereotypes. But, it's hard to ignore reality. Drop a Section 8 or two in a neighborhood and watch what happens. Here's some background reading:


    Stain one neighborhood violently (and certainly unfairly to many of its residents) or push several past the point of civility? Not an easy problem...

  15. I'm really not shocked by the way the local municipal government has been handling Target,the subsidized housing, the crime, the cop murders etc. I was really shocked at how old our alderman looks in that photo. She's looks like she's aged 20 years.

  16. On a purely shallow note....

    LOL if Peter Holsten thinks he's fooling anyone with that mop on his head!

  17. If true, those hours are ridiculous! I'm holding out hope that this is a mistake or a temporary situation until the hard opening. It just doesn't make sense to close at 7pm on weeknights - there are loads of shoppers who work downtown or elsewhere during the day who simply won't be able to make it to the store before 7pm on a weeknight.

  18. I deleted my earlier post about the hours because everytime I check the Target site, the hours change. You refresh the screen, the hours change. Their site must be having issues. I'm hoping they are at least open until 9:00 pm. Guess we'll have to visit the store to see what they actually are!

  19. OK - I called the store - mystery solved!

    Mon - Sat: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
    Sun: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm


  20. One more fun point then I'm done:

    Go to the target site then do a store search with "60613"...keep hitting refresh and you'll see the hours change every 3 or 4 clicks....fun bug. It's like the target random # generator.

  21. I went to the Target earlier today.

    They have this cool down escalator that you put your cart on and then go down the escalator next to it.

    I like to see where my tax money has gone. Down and away....flush.

    Plenty of staff around to ask if you need assistance.

    The south end of the ground floor is where da food is located. Nice selection of fresh food and more. Pricing seems competitive to Jewel, but I'm no expert.

    They have a DVD section where you can buy one DVD with four war movies. I was thinking of getting the "Desert Rats"-"Tora Tora Tora" collection. Then picking up a camoflage Snuggie, as seen on TV, and watching the movies while sitting in my living room all warm and comfy.

    The pricing on a 32 ounce bottle of hydrogen peroxide is excellent and I was drawn to the Trojan Magnum condom 36 pack. Excellent pricing........I'm just saying.

    My only purchase was a 12 pack of white tube socks to go along with the purple flip flops I acquired.

    Seriously, I think the Target will be an overall positive for the hood.

    Of course it would have been better if the Wilson El stop had been closed and a new one built at Montrose.

    The major negative I see regarding Target is the lack of a viable traffic plan. We'll just see how badly it effects traffic on Montrose and Broadway.

    If the overpriced housing hadn't been built the Target could have had additional entrances and exits to mitigate the coming traffic nightmare.

    Also the near block long wall of white/tan glass and wall from Montrose to the Target entrance is going to be an inviting "target" for our neighborhood graff artists.

    I suggest Holsten/Target invest in a power washer.

  22. I actually just shopped there too and in regards to Jewel a lot of the groceries I buy regularly seemed to be a little bit to quite a bit cheaper at Target. And those were their regular prices, not sales. Jewel always seems to be out of 25% of the items on my list, as they were today when I went, and the checkout lines are either long or broken (self-check lines). Looks like Target might get the majority of my grocery business even though I'm 2 blocks closer to Jewel.

    I'm still not thrilled at the way Wilson Yard and the public housing came about and the lying Alder-witch that gave us bogus information and outright stole money that was meant for schools and the police/fire departments BUT... I am happy to have Target and I'm very hopeful that their presence will help bring in new businesses and run the gangs and drug dealings out. I hope Target has one hell of a budget for security.

    I'm most concerned about the traffic nightmare that's coming. Living on a one way street that dead-ends out to Broadway South of Montrose is going to be a nightmare. I already can't turn either direction because traffic is backed up 2 blocks South of Montrose and Target opening and getting busier is not going to help that.

  23. TSN I have commented--at least once--on the positive stories. I often see positive stories here, and sometimes when some people comment they post negative comments that have nothing to do with the positive story--yet you do not seem to have a problem with that. Anyway, that red herring has been thrown at me before and I answered at length, so I'll spare you the rehash. No one else is told what to comment on and how, so I don't know why you feel inclined to take that position with me. Also, I made a comment re Eagle because I thought his comment encouraged some stereotyping, and I think it's fair to ask someone to at least explain what they mean when he engages in stereotyping--you know, much the same way you would challenge someone who tries to portray all condo owners the same way? I don't think that's negative to point out it's just as unfair to stereotype low-income people. It's interesting to me, TSN, you don't seem to take issue with a statement that could be interpreted as stereotyping those who need affordable housing, yet you take issue with my response to such a statement.

    And I see Eagle responded. Appreciate the clarification. I will try to check out that link.