Friday, July 16, 2010

Arrest in Wednesday's "Territorial Gang Dispute"

According to Chicago Breaking News, "A teen has been charged for a shooting in the Lakeview neighborhood that police say was gang-related.  Antonio Pineda, 17, of the 4000 block of North Broadway, was charged Thursday with aggravated battery with a firearm, according to Belmont Area police."

Read the whole story here and here.  Nice work by the 23rd District police.


  1. I think they should classify gang activity as Domestic Terrorism and treat them like the terrorists they are.

  2. A - we have unusual access to Sen. Steans and Rep. Harris here, due to them doing Helen's job for her and actually meeting with the community to find out their concerns.

    Why don't you write to them and suggest this? They make laws. In fact, they put through "Helen's Law" that bans day labor offices setting up across the street from schools and boys' & girls' clubs.

  3. Its a shame,
    good looking kid
    very quickly headed nowhere.

    from the comments section
    it states that shiller's ward goes all the way to addison,
    would explain why that northeren area of lakeview is still so

    perfect name for her,
    because she is a shill

    from wikipedia

    "Shill" can also be used pejoratively to describe a critic who appears either all-too-eager to heap glowing praise upon mediocre offerings, or who acts as an apologist for glaring flaws. In this sense, they would be an implicit "shill" for the industry at large, possibly because their income is tied to its prosperity. The origin of the term shill is uncertain; it may be an abbreviation of the Yiddish shillaber. The word originally denoted a carnival worker who pretended to be a member of the audience in an attempt to elicit interest in an attraction. Some sources trace the usage only back to 1914

  4. Good work to all the officers at the 23th district in catching this good for nothing. Now lets hope the court system can do their job by keeping him locked up where this animal belongs and not back on the street to do it again in a few weeks. Anyone who has pity for this guy because of social injustice lets see if you would be willing to give him room and board in your home.

  5. Aggravated Battery with a Firearm??!!

    How about Attempt Murder?

    This little sociopath needs to be locked up for decades.

  6. 4000 block of N broadway? that's near Cuyler, Cuyler boys at it again.

  7. FYI

    Talking to several Beat cops in the area, most are expecting a bump up in shootings and gang activitiy as Wilson Yard starts filling up. One of the first residents in is a teenager who's been shot 3 x's in the past sporting a Cobra tattoo on his face (Spanish Cobras). Also it was mentioned a few other of the early birds approved for residency are bangers of "Youth Clubs" not previously represented in the area.....from first glance it appears the aldercritter probably lied (shocking) and it will be ALL extremely low income. I'm still hoping for the best here.

    Either way it should be very interesting watching more color added to the map

    I really don't know what Shillers end game is. It doesn't appear she cares about anyone ("Evil Condo Owners" or "Have nots"). She wants us all in the line of fire.

  8. UptownPits, that's an interesting bit of information. (Beat cops expecting spike in crime as Wilson Yards fills up)
    I honestly don't know who, or how many people have moved into WY at this point?
    I do know I have the same sort of sad, and nervous sense of trepidation driving by every day, that I had driving by Cabrini.

  9. great news and great job, officers! i want to hug all of you right now so hard. :)

    now we wait for popping sounds of retaliation.

  10. I agree with A. The Patriot Act should be used to protect the public. As far as I know this has only worked in New York.