Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Court Advocates Needed Thursday, Downtown

If you have time and are in the area, Court Advocates are needed at the Daley Center on Thursday morning, in the matter of 4639 N Broadway, which has multiple code violations and is being prosecuted by the city as a Drug and Gang Building (it even made the City's website).

At the last hearing last month, the judge ordered several violations to be remedied within 72 hours, and ordered the fast-track eviction of six tenants with gang and drug convictions.  The Chief Corporation Counsel asked that concerned community residents show up in court to bolster the case against the building.  Your silence presence in court speaks volumes.

The case will be heard at the 9:30am call (recommendation: get there at 9:15 to get a seat), in Courtroom 1111.  The Daley Center is located at Randolph and Clark.  No cameras or food are allowed in courtrooms.


  1. I would like to do this, but not this soon. If you could post more like this sooner I will go to one.

  2. Good to hear...now if we could also evict that stupid hip-hop clothing store, we'd be going in the right direction.