Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You're Not Getting Older, You're Getting.... Ripped Off!

We can't stop snickering at what a reader sent in this morning:

"On my coffee walk this morning, I happened upon a little baggie in front of a housing complex known for dealing banned substances. In the past, I have come across marijuana and crack, but this little blue dandy took me by surprise.

It seems our local street pharmaceutical vendors have now jumped into the "Male Enhancement" market.

Just remember, guys, not all little blue pills are created equal. This little guy is available without a prescription."


  1. That can't be a pill. It must be a bead. Helen fights for the rights of people to use the baggies for beads. Therefore, it cannot be a pill.

    Although, banning the little baggies wouldn't solve anything anyway. Just sayin'.

  2. Yeah, just a bead (you can tell because it's in a shillersheath), nothing to see here.

  3. So who's more clueless, the gang selling legal drugs on our street corners or the clientele buying them?

    Bet I could get some great deal on Tums or Vitamin A!

  4. IP's night is going to be ruined, now.