Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jackie Taylor: The Way We Were

We were watching a rerun of the old show Early Edition the other night and saw a familiar face:  Jackie Taylor, the founder and guiding light of Black Ensemble Theater, circa 1996.  Early Edition was filmed entirely in Chicago, and features some great old Uptown settings, but we hadn't realized it also featured local actors.  Always nice to see a local resident on the screen.

Speaking of Ms. Taylor, Ald. Schulter [in his weekly email blast] mentions she was at the Clark Streetscaping ground-breaking:  "I was also joined by Jackie Taylor, Executive Director of the Black Ensemble Theater. The Black Ensemble Theater is planning on breaking ground on a new state-of the-art theater space on the 4400 block of N. Clark Street in 2010. I really believe that a new look on Clark Street, along with the introduction of the Black Ensemble Theater, is going to have a huge impact on future economic development initiatives in the Ravenswood neighborhood."


  1. They said the new theatre will be located at Clark and Sunnyside. Does anyone know where specifically it will be located and which current business it will replace?

    I'm personally hoping they start tearing into wholesalers row. Combined with the Clark Streetscape project, a theatre and it's supporting businesses would make for a welcome development on that stretch of Clark.

  2. Here is the link to their website where they discuss the new facility. Should be a very exciting addition to that area that hopefully will spur other development.