Friday, May 28, 2010

From The Set Of "Cheaters"

Vince Vaughn, Winona Ryder, and Kevin James are the stars of Cheaters, now being filmed around Chicago, including on Argyle Street in Uptown.  Before the sent us a link to photos taken in Lakeview, at the Weiner's Circle, on Thursday, May 27, which include the three stars and director Ron Howard.

Now you know who to look for.  ChicagoNow says:  "Vaughn is in town filming Ron Howard's new feature film, "Your Cheating Heating Heart." You may catch a glimpse of him around Chicago's "Little Chinatown" on West Argyle St. in the Uptown area. 1124 W. Argyle St. Through tomorrow."

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  1. I was walking home from work around 9pm tonight and they were filming a scene (or many?) in the 'massage parlor' on the west side of the el station. It drew in quite some foot traffic, the security was very nice too! I guess I have to see the movie to see if I recognize Uptown.