Sunday, May 16, 2010

Compare And Contrast

This is how two Uptown aldermen responded to questions about the creation of a "toothless tiger" inspector general to investigate City Council wrongdoing:
  • Ald. Schulter, 47th (from his weekly email blast): "During Wednesday's City Council meeting, I voted against the creation of a separate department to monitor the actions of members of the City Council. I did not vote against this measure to prevent Aldermen from being monitored or to avoid investigations. I voted against this action because I do not believe the creation of a separate watchdog appointed by the City Council with limited powers really meets the call of ethics reform. Creating additional bureaucracy and making it nearly impossible to investigate Council members isn't real action. My vote against this proposal should be seen as a vote for real reform and as a sign of real respect for the constituents we serve. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact my office."
  • Ald Shiller, 46th (quoted in the Tribune):  ""Is this perfect? Nothing we've ever done has been perfect, as far as I know."  The media unfairly paints aldermen as corrupt simply because they have entered public service, Shiller said. "That's not borne out in fact," she said.


  1. Another silly comment from a truly silly and out of touch politician. I won't mention which quote I am referring to here...That is for you fine people of Uptown to figure out on your own.

  2. I guess Helen doesn't recognize recent alderman convictions in court as being 'fact'. It's pretty obvious why she voted for this.

  3. Credit where is is due!!The beast is a master of deception. + she really believes the cr#p she spins.

  4. Are we sure she really completed school? Or did the 60's do something to her brain that somehow limits her vocabulary and thought process to that of a high school Sophomore - at best.

    And she's making HOW MUCH A YEAR?

  5. Helen... me thinks thou doth protest too much...