Saturday, May 8, 2010

Booze In The Parks...

... and in such a handy holder, too!

A reader sent in this photo she took in Montrose Harbor.


  1. Call 311 and give them the location, BOE will come out and close it up.

  2. Want to bet? People have been calling 311 regarding the same light poles with open bases and exposed wires for years and nothing gets done.

    I think the City and Alderman are waiting until a little kid gets zapped at this year's Fourth of July celebration.

  3. I would call it in but I don't know where it is. Doesn't help if it doesn't get called in.

  4. There's almost always a mailbox drinking party at Lawrence and Sheridan. Why this is tolerated I dunno

  5. Grab the proper screwdriver and shut it it up already.

  6. Sure. No Problem. I'll just reach in there with a metal screw driver among all those electrical wires that have fiddled with by a complete stranger, who was drinking.

    Don't I recall Chicago dogs who were electrocuted walking across metal sewers because of the city's neglected wiring?

    Thanks, but I think this is a job for the City.

    Of course, we could ask that little doggie that lives up on Winthrop, who fixed the sewer hole, if he does electrical work.

  7. Ever notice that there are no street addresses in the park? It makes it difficult to call in 311 requests.

    The Park District does not permit street signs or displayed street addresses in the park because they are "not natural." (Nevermind the artificial astro turf soccer field, the stadium lights, the staged CTA and school buses, and the winter salt piles.)

    There's been a battle just to get the green cross street signs at Simmonds and Montrose and to get the Office of Emergency Management to assign addresses to the the beach house and bird sanctuary for police and ambulance calls. The call center didn't even have Montrose Harbor Drive in the 311/911 call system until a part-battle was won 3 years ago. And, everything on Montrose Harbor Drive beyond the bird sanctuary is still remains the grid.

    Given that Montrose Harbor is in our ward, the alderman could help with that. But no, she's too busy placing "Curb Your Dog" signs along Simmonds Drive to concern herself about public safety and access to city services.

    We've even had fire department and ambulance crews lost in the park trying to find the location where a guy was drowning off the pier.

  8. Ok Uptown Train, I went out with my handy dandy screwdriver this morning when I walked the dog to try to put the street light base back on 2 street lamps in my area.

    To prevent mere citizens like me from working on street lamps, the city uses special screws that require a special hex socket or a set of hex keys. I am not going to Menards to by a set of sockets or hex keys to do the city;s job.

  9. Truthbearer...I totally applaud your efforts.

    They are probably using a Torx bit. If it's still not squared away in the next day or so, let me know, and let me know the location...I've got a set of them.

    After that, for a job well done, it'll be time for a Jameson pickle-back at Fat Cat!

  10. be clear, my "shut it up already" wasn't intended to have the possible double meaning that has since been pointed out to me. I really did only mean for the cover to be screwed shut.

    My bad.