Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uptown Local School Council Elections April 21

Buena Park resident and LSC candidate Mike Simmons writes in:
Just wanted to remind you that we have local school council elections coming up this Wednesday, April 21 (6am to 7pm) for elementary schools. In the immediate Buena Park area they are:
  • Brenneman Elementary School at 4251 N. Clarendon
  • Stewart Elementary School at 4525 N. Kenmore
  • Walt Disney Magnet School: 4140 N. Marine Dr
Local high school LSC elections are Thursday, April 22nd.

LSCs are comprised of ten members, with two community members elected from the general attendance area around the school (generally a mile and a half around the school). Anyone in the community can vote for the two community representatives. I am a candidate for one of the two community representative positions at Brenneman. Turnout for the last LSC elections in this area was very low.
UU Note: Does Uplift School have an LSC?

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  1. Yes, Uplift has an LSC. Every Chicago Public School (traditional schools, not charters) is governed by an LSC.

    They are in charge of the budget and choosing the principal among other responsibilities.