Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tribune: Wilson Yard "Green Roof" Not So Green

The Trib's Blair Kamin doesn't seem too impressed by our "green" Alderwoman

Read the full article on green roofs in Chicago

From page 2 of the article:

"They're not all created equal. Media accounts of green roofs in Chicago invariably focus on the sprawling, lushly planted City Hall roof, or Millennium Park, which is built over working commuter railroad tracks and outfitted with grass and trees. These are the Rolls-Royces of the genre. More typical is a tiny green roof atop an Aldi supermarket at 4450 N. Broadway Ave., visible from the CTA's Red Line. It resembles a postage stamp. Green roofs, it shows, can comply with the law without adding much beauty to the cityscape."


  1. I think she neglects to mention the beautiful litter that really grows so well on the green roofs in Uptown...

  2. And how "green" is our newest low income slum at Wilson Yard? Oh wait a fish farm, produce grown off of fish water waste and a coffee beanery will make Uptown super green and take attention away from the ill concieved Wilson Yard.

  3. I never thought of the Aldi roof as a true green roof.

    To me it's a roof with planters on it and shouldn't even qualify as a green roof.

  4. A- whether or not it's a "true green roof," you can bet Aldi is collecting lots of tax credits for being "energy efficient" with its green postage stamp.

  5. Anyone riding the Red Line can see that Aldi has containers with dirt and dead plants in them. Very obvious that noone takes the time to actually take care of these things. Helen just loves to throw around the green rhetoric.