Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shiller Staffer Makes Top Ten List

By HUGH DEVLIN, Contributing Writer, Lake Effect News

Another Chicago City Council fund, this one controlled by the Vice Mayor of Chicago, is being used by Chicago aldermen to hire friends and family, the city’s response to a recent Freedom of Information quest reveals.

With questions arising whether the City of Chicago is ready to shed its Shakman monitor to deter patronage hiring for city jobs, Lake Effect News’ investigative report on the Vice Mayor of Chicago’s expense account revealed a distinct pattern of considerable overlap and frequent juggling of payees between City Council accounts, including many instances of possible double, triple and even quadruple dipping. Continue Reading

UU Note: Listen to Hugh Devlin discuss the Vice Mayor's budget on "Outside the Loop" radio.


  1. More proof, if any more was needed, that Shiller is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daley, Inc.

    Gawd, I hope she runs again.

    Her retiring and not running and losing would sadden me.

  2. I think it is okay to hire relatives or friends if they are good at what they do.

  3. whether friends or family or whoever, capable or no, I'd like to better understand why they are paid out of a 700% overrun of the Vice Mayor's expense account

    oh yeah, I'd also like to better understand why there is a Vice Mayor's expense account

  4. Hugh,

    nice work on this article.

    I imagine many Pols hate your guts.

    Keep it up.

  5. Great work on bringing this to the light of day. Between this account and the undocumented Alderman spending of menu money, there sure seems to be a whole lot of extra money out there for a City that can't pay all of its bills.

    Didn't Shiller spend half a million in menu money a few years ago on "Wilson Yard" with no other information given? Thank God for Menu Money, when 52 million dollars is not quite enough.

  6. OK, is this for April Fools?

    sadly, no