Friday, April 16, 2010

Help Find Dahlia

Update:  Good news, mostly.  "Dahlia is found! She was found on Foster Beach, injured but ok. We are at the vet with her. Thanks again for your help!"

Dahlia was lost today in the Andersonville/Uptown area.  She's two years old and about 20 lbs.  Her owners are quite eager to get her back, so if you can help, please call 224-489-XXXX.


  1. I saw this dog heading south on Broadway towards Wilson, must have been around 2:30 ish

  2. thanks uptown dude! please comment back if you see her again!

  3. That's great! I was concerned when you handed me a flyer this morning. Glad she's back.

  4. Great news! I've noticed flyers taped everywhere about this dog. They will probably stay up for weeks because no one want to take them down because they don't know the dog has been found.

    Would the owners mind taking the time to retrace their steps and remove the flyers?


  5. I pulled down a flyer this morning to call the number on it. Unfortunately, there is a recording indicating that Dahlia is still lost.

    Would the owner please update their voicemail recording to indicate Dahlia has been found?

    Thank you.