Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vince Vaughn Filming TV Pilot On Wilson

Cupcake Gallery owner Darius Williams shares exclusive pics and info on today's TV shooting:
"So, I'm in my office at The Cupcake Gallery working on very important things, when a lady comes in and talks to me about removing my sign for a movie shooting. I look outside at all the mayhem and I ask myself how I missed all this commotion. I guess that's what happens when you're baking your heart out all the time.

Anyway, so I asked the questions that you guys want to know! So, they're doing a shooting for a television pilot. Seems as though the big V was here a few days before as well scoping out the place. I asked what kind of show, and they couldn't give me details - but the guy who had the ladder and removed my sign told me "it's supposed to look shitty in the picture." Wow, that's a blow. So, they use Wilson avenue for that purpose? Hmmmm...

Anyway, the guys are here until Friday shooting. And yes, my lovely sign that I had designed when I first opened The Cupcake Gallery is now history. They say they're paying for a new one. You heard it here first - I want my new sign... especially since I had to front the money for it."
UU Note: Check out Darius' blog for even more pics of the shoot.
The Cupcake Gallery is located on Wilson between Malden and Beacon 773-537-5633


  1. Awesome on you, D. Great pics.

    Oh, and as for this: it's supposed to look shitty in the picture.

    Thanks, Helen.

  2. wait a second. they took your sign down and didn't give it back to you? what the hell. p.s. your cupcakes are amazing--though I've tried to go by recently (before 7) and the store was closed early. :|

  3. Did you know that you can go to the website to view the titles and addresses for films and shows, which have been shot at a certain address, ward, etc. ? The website is about one month behind the current date and reports the information based upon permits that the city issues for the film location.


    Right now the website shows that "Hit Squad" was filmed in January at Montrose and Broadway and that AT&T is shoot a corporate video at Sunnyside and Broadway (near where their new sale office will be located in Wilson Yards.)

  4. I was an extra in this tv pilot.

  5. April, really? Oh no! I wonder when cuz I'm here all the time. Even when we sell out early (and we do a lot) I'm still physically in the store. I bake fresh all day long instead of baking a whole bunch at one time and having them sit around until u come in to buy them. I want to ensure you get a fresh cupcake - only a few hours old. Anyway, lately a few folks will come in just an hour or so before we close and buy EVERYTHING that's left. That sucks for you - and I know it. So next time you come in, let me know its you and I will give you a cupcake on the house for your troubles!

  6. Very cool.. Always good to see VV back home.

    Darius, you might want to get a quote for that new sign and hand it to the production team while they're on location. At least you'll have a paper trail.

  7. Don't use the term "shootings" in Uptown so loosely.... ;-)

  8. Thanks for the update! Has anybody warned the movie crew that their vehicles may be tagged?

  9. Darius,

    I'm sure you don't want random business advice, but I'm throwing it out anyway.

    I've eaten your cupcakes after two days, and they're still delicious, so I'm sure they'd be delicious after sitting out a couple hours. I think the ability to get enough of the flavors I love(Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream) would more than offset the ever so slightly less than perfectly fresh aspect.