Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cuyler Car Crime

We received this on Thursday from a reader --

"So, I happened to be up at 4:25 this morning when I heard a sound outside. I witnessed 3 Hispanic men, late-teens to mid-twenties, breaking into cars on the 900 block of Cuyler. I called 911 and described them, told them where the cars were located and let them know which direction they were headed down the street and that I could see they were continuing to check for unlocked doors. I saw them throw a rock into the 2nd car window to get in, and think they did the same to the first one they were in. They were going through the trunk of the 1st car, too. I don't know if the police caught up with them, but if someone's car got broken into, they should file a report - maybe the police caught up with them and retrieved some stuff, maybe more reports filed will mean more police patrols."


  1. at least two cars were broken in to on clarendon just off of cuyler the other night.

  2. cars are broken into around the clock on irving park by the cemeteries. my tips are dont park there, and where ever you park take out your stereo faceplate, radar detector, purse, ipod, gps, and anything of value to you from every storage compartment.

    and don't leave the gps or satellite radio holsters on the window or dash. they'll think you have it hiding.

    and lastly even if you take the gps holder down the telltale suction cup residue ring makes them think you're hiding a gps.

  3. fyi..........Anthony Wilson was convicted for burglary to autos earlier in the month and got a six year sentence. He was observed being chased by a witness who saw him break into a car down the street. Wilson had 3 GPS units in his posession as well as burglary tools.

    Good work CPD!

  4. Why are you evil condo owners hating on these struggling performance artists? They obviiously love the city and neighborhood and simply want to share their art.