Thursday, March 4, 2010

Caution: Crumbling Cornerstone

A reader sends in the following pics and cautionary tale:
"I live near Leland and Malden and happened to be walking by the "Leland House" run by Cornerstone/Jesus People USA on the southwest corner at 4656 N. Malden. I noticed large chunks of concrete on the sidewalk on the Leland side of the building (see above). I happened to look up to see where it came from and noticed that years of shoddy patchwork on the cornice of the building was resulting in chunks crashing on the sidewalk (see below). Some of the chunks were close to 8 inches long and could seriously injure someone. I called 311 and requested a building inspector to come here immediately and hope your readers do as well. Just looking at this building's exterior, you can see years of patch jobs and deferred maintenance. I think the residents here deserve better. It upsets me to see buildings in Uptown falling into disrepair like this one. I hope you share this with your readers. Thanks."


  1. I am sure your alderman will be happy to take additional taxpayer TIF dollars to give to the Jesus People to make the necessary repairs, just has she has for several other privately owned properties owned by her favorite non-profit buddies in the ward.

  2. There's so much sarcasm on this web site I fear I will eventually take is as the truth. Be sure to remind me during alderbeast voting...

  3. Strange, since these people have often hired themselves out for painting, home repair, etc.

  4. JPUSA owns Lakeside Roofing and Supply.

    You'd think they could keep their roof in good repair.

    The cobbler's children go barefoot.

  5. (Oops, originally posted this in the wrong place.)Damn Blackberry...)

    No offense,

    But when I noticed a problem with my neighbor's building I brought it to their attention and it was fixed. I dind't go running to the building inspectors first....hum.

  6. MCG,

    I would agree with that premise generally, but if hunks of a building are falling to a sidewalk then safety takes priority and I'd alert my neighbor and the city.

    As for JPUSA I'm sure that they know a few tuckpointing contractors. Those guys often also do roofing.

    I'd hope this will be fixed quickly.

  7. MCG, there are chunks of concrete falling onto the sidewalk! A kid playing there could be killed if part of the building fell at on them. Calling the city is not too harsh. I happen to consider a building that has the potential to hurt pedestrians a little un-neighborly. So what's the real rude behavior here? (Shouldn't you be thinking of it as job security, CITY guy?)

  8. MCG. Maybe if you DID contact officials, 911 etc. like other more responible citizens, we would have fewer problems.

  9. I think you get my point. It will be a long time before the City can do anything, believe me. Someone should give them a call and complain, I bet it gets done quicker. (I haven't been over there otherwise I would.)

    And no, doesn't affect my job security at all....LOL.)

  10. the chunks weren't there tuesday. i noticed them last night and realized a person could be mightily beaned while walking past. there are a lot of children in the building, i'm sure it will get fixed shortly.

    (it looks like the antique terra cotta near the roof is crumbling).

  11. I am going to walk down there and take a look.

  12. Jesus himself did not live in a palace, so why should the people living in Jesus People USA housing live better that Jesus did?

    Oh wait, Jesus was a carpenter so he could probably fix the dwellings in lived in adequately.

    I wonder if we circled the building seven times then blew our trumpets that the building would totall crumple to the groud?

    Also, if everyone on here were "good samaritans" towards Jesus People USA you would pay to fix their buildings yourself, you bunch of evil condo owners have no soul.

    OK enough biblical references. They (JPUSA) need to be held accountable for their crumbling buildings and deffered maintenance.

  13. Hi, I just heard from Cornerstone Community Outreach, they are the ones who own the building, not the Jesus People, that they are aware of the problem, and are already taking measures to make it safer and get it repaired.
    They say thanks for making it known to them.

  14. Uptown 15,

    I contacted them and they are getting right on it. Again, my earlier point was made.

    Thanks to UU for pointing out the problem.

  15. Oh those silly Jesus People trying to hide the ball again by using multiple subsidiaries and dba's ("doing-business-as" assumed names.) Good thing we nasty wage earners have those advanced degrees and can research business owners.

    Just for clarification, below are the entities and assumed names per the Illinois Secretary of State and City of Chicago business license records (some of which do not match or conflict in not-profit status, by the way.)

    You will notice that the Jesus People USA and Cornerstone are affiliated companies within the same consolidated group. So, it is true that Cornerstone owns the shelter directly, but it is also true that the Jesus People conglomerate owns it indirectly.

    Jesus People: The Simple Life is Comprised of:
    Concerned Crafts, Il Non Profit Corp, Ltd Bus Lic.
    JP Mechanical, a Chgo Corp but not listed in Il Secy State Database
    Friar’s Printing, Chgo Corp but Il Non-Profit Corp, Ltd Bus Lic., ,Not in State Corp Database
    Belly Acres Design, Chicago Corp, Ltd Bus Lic;
    Cornerstone Communications, Inc, No Chicago Corp, Il Non-Profit, Active Assumed Names:
    Cornerstone Festival
    Cornerstone Magazine
    GRRR Records
    Cornerstone Press Chicago
    Cornerstone Community Outreach, No Chicago Corp, Il Non-Profit
    Active Assumed Name – Project Nehemiah
    Jesus People USA Covenant Church, Not a Chgo Corp, Ill Non-Profit Corp.
    Friendly Towers, Il Corp; SRO Class I Lic. State = For Profit Enity
    Jesus People FGM (Full Gospel Ministry), Il Corp For Profit Entity, Retail Food Est Lic. Active Assumed DBA names:
    Tone Zone Recording
    Belly Acres Designs (same as it subsidiary’s name)
    Friendly Towers (same as its subsidiary’s name)
    Lakefront Supply-
    -Riverview Self Storage
    Lakefront Sheet Metal Supply
    JP Electrical
    JP Contractors
    Inactive Assumed DBA Names
    The Window People
    Lakefront Roofing Supply
    Jesus People Painters
    JP Roofing & Insulation
    JP Movers
    JP Electrical
    Worn Again Designs
    Street Level
    Creative Wood Design
    JP Contractors
    The Porch People
    Lakefront Roofing Supply

  16. You might want to tell the Jesus People and Barnabas Project web administrators to update their websites. Their own websites say that the Leland House is a Jesus People program.

  17. So if some part of Jesus People is for profit then they may be able to put up political signs at election time, right?

  18. I passed by the Leland House this afternoon, and to their credit, they have erected a temporary scaffold over the sidewalk where the cement appears to have fallen. Thanks for the temporary safety measure but looking at the building it appears it needs alot of work.

  19. Metal,

    talk to Jon Trott about that. It shouldn't be too hard for you to find him.

    Maybe JPUSA could just put up partial signs to signify their various tax identities.

    Instead of decking out their building in Daley/Shiller signs like last election they can just put up "Daley/Shill".

    Of course last elections Shiller tagline of "Experience Matters" can be changed to "Exters" to save space. Or perhaps to my personal fave "Ex Lacks" because of all the shit that is going to be said.


    Oh by the way for your Shillerista supporters out there I have something. I've blackmailed one of my technically adept friends into creating a database that merges the voter roll with the real estate tax roll. After the second installment real estate tax bills go out next November "personal" campaign flyers can be created. Such flyers would include the exact increase in the property tax bill and various other sundry information. Like the cost of each unit at Wilson Yard and the glorious Fish Farm idea.

    The end is nigh. Abandon all hope ye who support Shiller. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Toga, Toga, Toga.

    Now if you will excuse me I need to go. I leave you with this:

    Buford T. Justice: Give me a diablo sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it quick, I'm in a god-damn hurry.