Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"It's A Done Deal" - Medical Clinic On Sheridan

We wondered what was coming to these long-empty storefronts at 4830-34 North Sheridan, and now we know for sure:  a therapy center and a senior center.  We wish Dr. John Kim and his staff much success in our neighborhood.

PS - Psst!  Denise Davis, this headline is for you.  Guess Labor Ready going into this location wasn't such a "done deal" after all.


  1. When the permit signs said 'medical clinic', I was a little worried. I'm so glad this is a physical therapy medical clinic, instead of a "give you more of the drugs you're already addicted to" medical clinic! I wish them much success!!

  2. I think this is great news, especially compared to what it might have been. There are signs in Korean as well, so the wonderful Korean seniors who live on Gunnison (the best neighbors ever... they are out cleaning our block every day) can take advantage as well.