Saturday, February 6, 2010

Go Towards The Light

A neighbor of the Wilson Yard project writes in and asks:
"So when is it appropriate to have 24/7 spotlights on a children's playground? Ever since the Wilson Yard subsidized housing elevated playground was pieced together I have been bombarded with a federal prison spotlight that is also blinding when driving East on Montrose; how can this light be dimmed or hooded so it is less obtrusive to neighbors and drivers in the area?"


  1. Contact your local Alderman's off....oh, wait.

    On a serious note, I know that with street lights if they are intrusive to your home you can call the Department of Streets and Sanitation, Bureau of Electricity and they can put a "shade" over the side of the light shining in your home. But I am not sure who would oversee the lighting at WY. Might be a good place to start?

  2. I say keep the lights on bright. I'll bet Shiller and the Copwatch bunch never dreamed that neighbors at Buena Pointe could point thier video cameras at the thing and post the results to the internet.

    A quote from Man on the Street:

    "...what better place for drug dealers to set up shop than a high rooftop where they can not only spot the cops before they even get out of their car, but scatter like roaches to their respective apartments before the cops huff and puff their way up the stairs or while they're waiting for the elevator to get up there? All it takes is a few undesireable tenants to start hanging out there before the respectible ones decide it's not worth the trouble to take their kids up there and give the entire area over to the dealers. It happens on the ground so why won't it happen there?"