Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Endangered Missing Person" In Uptown

Chicago Police Dept seeks your help in locating a missing "at risk" person:

(18 years old, Male, 5'06", 175 lbs.)
Last seen: Lawrence Ave and Sheridan Road, February 3, 2010
Last seen wearing a dark hoodie, dark jeans and dark shoes.

Subject was being transported to River Edge Hospital in Forest Park, Illinois, when he fled the vehicle.

If you have information that can assist in helping safely locate STOCKSTILL, DONALD, please call 911 or AREA 3 SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT AT 312-744-8200.
This information was sent out using the Chicago Police Department's new Nixle communications system.  Click the link for information on how to sign up.


  1. Off topic: Uptowns favorite daughter, "Anna of Green Gables" is back on the scene. No doubt the state launched her out on the streets early, given the budget cuts. Also, a heads up on Hazel between Montrose and sunnyside ? A tall male wearing a yellow "North Face" type winter coat helped himself to a womans purse, saturday night around 6PM or so. The Police stopped several possibles with no results.

  2. Why are you posting off-topic in an "endangered" person thread?

    Have a heart, dude.

  3. You might be surprised how many "mentals" (as the Chicago PD refer to them) go missing on a regular basis. At any rate, I hope they find him safe.

  4. UptownDweller: I posted for the protection of the community, as I did under the "kid shot" thread. Warnings about true menaces to society. I hope the endangered is found safe. My concern is for all of the residents in our area.