Thursday, January 21, 2010

Want To Find Out What's Happening With Your TIF $ In The 46th Ward?

Ask 6th Ward Alderman Freddrenna Lyle, or subscribe to her October newsletter!

A reader who has mad Google skills found this and says:  "It is a sad day indeed when we get more information about our own Alderman Shiller’s 46th Ward fish farm project by reading Alderman Lyle’s 6th Ward Newsletter than we get direct from Shiller herself. Now we learn the identity of the public agencies/actors from outside this ward that are involved in this TIF fish-farm plan."

To read all of Ald. Lyle's newsletter, click here.


  1. That is the nuttiest things I have ever heard.

    If you want to farm move to the DeKalb.

  2. Is there a business case for these Aquaponics installations? How do they intend to survive longterm? Do they plan on making money, or are they counting on a steady stream of tax payer dollars?

  3. Don't we have LOTS of Asian, I mean, silver carp readily availble?

  4. Thanks for keeping us in the loop with regards to how you're spending our money, Helen.

    Heckuva job, sweet cheeks.


    But, wait .. there's more in this newsletter than just exposing (once again) that Ald. Shiller is an abject liar and an offense to the concept of representational government.

    I'm no fan of Ms. Lyle (overtly politicizing items which do not need to be politicized, et al) however, go back and read Helen's ... er... response to the "fisticuffs" issue from last summer and compare it to Lyle's newsletter's 2nd page:

    No one has the silver bullet that will make young men stop shooting, or young men realize that there are consequences to their actions and when you beat someone with a 2 x 4 they do really, really die.

    What we did agree on however was, we can not stop working to save those we can and protect those we do not even know. We must work in our homes, in our Churches and in our neighborhoods to instill values and respect into the young people we touch. We must mobilize and collectively say enough is enough to those young predators who walk among us and those in charge of protecting all of us.

    Other than sharing that tired metaphor of the tmythical "silver bullet", Lyle at least addresses and accepts the circumstances of activities in her ward.

    She also points a finger directly at the "predators" and not at her "political opponents" for bringing about the violence.

    In short: Lyle isn't a chicken shit politician.

    Helen is.

  5. If anyone is wondering how this info was likely found I suggest you type "helen shiller" into the search function at this site.

    I could hyperlink it, but Helen ain't worth the effort.

    I salute whoever found this.

    My crack team of investigators missed it.

    By "crack team" I mean a bunch of refugees from "Jersey Shore" who like to show their cracks.

  6. Cmon, IrishPirate, I know you do the Gym-Tan-Laundry routine every day.

  7. Incompetent boss, incompetent office, sad state of affairs.

  8. WCE,

    I don't tan. I am so white I am virtually translucent.

    I don't go to a "gym". I am not a freakin' gerbil on some stair master.

    I always enjoy walking by some gym on a nice sunny day and seeing "gerbils" on the equipment.

    Laundry.......? Vas is das?

    I just toss my speedos into the tub and let them soak.

  9. Lyle is one of the worst aldermen ever. I'd rather have Shiller.

  10. So what are you guys doing reading & quoting the 6th ward material? You don't even live here. You have no right to comment on anything that has to do with us ;) LOL