Monday, January 4, 2010

Steans & Madigan In Candidate Forum Wednesday

If you're pulling a Democratic ballot in the primary (just a month from now) and still aren't sure which senatorial candidate to vote for, you may want to "join Senator Heather Steans, Jim Madigan, friends and neighbors this Wednesday evening to meet the candidates and ask questions about the issues that matter to you before you vote." It's 7pm at the Sulzer Library and seating is limited. Read more about it in Lake Effect News: "Steans and Madigan To Face Off In Candidate’s Forum Jan. 6."


  1. Hasn't Stearns been a no-show at previous forums? Will she show up at this one?

  2. The real question is whether her husband will show up.

    If he does will he be sober?

    Google around if you don't catch the reference.

  3. You mean Leo Smith her husband showing up at the Call to confront Madigan.

  4. IP,

    epic fail all the way around on that train wreck, huh?

    Hubs either needed to nut up, or have someone change his diaper.

    Madigan was well within the boundaries of acceptable, political douchebaggery ... until, of course, he tweeted about the incident.

    I was actually feeling some sympathy for Heather ..., until I got an email from her and was reminded of Carol Ronen.

    I'm going to write you in, man.

    Move out of the 46th.

    Set your sights higher.

    Your mental (and rumored waistband stretching and hooker tackling) abilities should compel you to much greater things.

    Go state-side, baby.

    Save the republic.

    It's your density.

  5. Yo,

    let's leave my density out of dis'.

    If nominated I will not run.

    If elected I will not serve.

    I have more hooker and sleazy women issues than Eliot Spitzer and Tiger Woods put together.

    My personal life is so twisted and perverse I should pull a Republican ballot and start preaching about family values.

    I was "hiking the Appalachian trail" even before that GOP Governor discovered the phrase.

  6. I like Steans. She has always been extremely accessible and responsive.

  7. Hollywood Beach: I am coordinating this event on behalf of the sponsors. Heather's CM and her scheduler have all reconfirmed. I met with Heather this morning and confirmed personally. I also reconfirmed Jim last week.

    By the way, two clarifications: 1) Heather's last name is Steans, no "r." 2) Although Jim shares a last name with the Speaker and the AG (Madigan) he is not related.

    For much more interesting details about the candidates, come by Sulzer Wednesday night.

  8. One of Madigan's campaign workers just called me on my cell phone asking for my support.

    Automatic no. How did they get my cell number?

    She also couldn't come up with a reason why I should support him. She used alot of "BUZZ" words.

    When I asked who was running against him, she said she did not know. (BS).

    Then she asked me a 'multiple Choice" question asking which of the following issues was most important to me:

    1) Ending corruption in Springfield.

    (Duh, like he could do that anyway)

    2) Safer streets and neighborhoods.

    (This is the one I picked, even though in reality, this is not a "State" issue at all but a local issue. The state has no resources to accomplish this goal."

    3) Elder Issues

    How general is this? That was the whole question. "Elder issues"? Really? Madigan is going to solve "Elder issues? Give me a break.

    4) Economy and jobs.

    Huh. What are you going to do about this issue? The unemployment issue is not something that can be handled by politicians. Americans must get used to a lower standard of living. It is over. Government will not solve this problem.

    Well, just my thoughts. I believe that many people who run for office believe that they can change things....but they have no idea what they are getting into.

    Organizations win campaigns not candidates who are true problem solvers.

    But hey! Make sure you go out and vote. Vote for the person you think can solve problems.

    OKAY... that is the end of my rant. Please excuse type-os.... my computer is going through a slow death.

  9. 3) Elder Issues

    Maybe they were referring to Suzanne ;)

    But, yeah ... campaign time around these parts resembles a 3 Stooges marathon.

    Honestly, I'm having a very difficult time finding any candidate, for any office, who is actually worthy a damn.

  10. Jason,

    The unemployment issue is not something that can be handled by politicians. Americans must get used to a lower standard of living. It is over. Government will not solve this problem.

    What about politicians who recognize that government is often (but not always) the problem?

    We DO NOT have to get used to a lower standard of living. We make mistakes, but as long as we Americans sustain our liberties, prosperity will always follow. That is because free individuals are more productive than enslaved ones.

    We DO have to fix this city/state’s corruption problem. That is what is killing jobs in Chicago/Illinois.

    Let’s do it at the ballot box.