Saturday, January 2, 2010

LEN: "Bad Day For Uptown Food Deliverers"

If you're trying to avoid the frigid weather by having a pizza delivered, don't be surprised if you get a lukewarm response when you call.  From the Lake Effect News:

"Twenty-third District police have reached out to Uptown restaurants telling them to be alert of possible street robberies after two food deliverymen were robbed within the span of a few hours on Dec. 27.  In both instances, three males donning ski masks jumped and robbed the victims as they were delivering food orders to the 800 blocks of West Agatite and Sunnyside. Residents in nearby apartments heard the victims’ cries for help and summoned police."

Read the whole story here, and if your food and delivery person get to you safely, tip a little extra for hazardous duty, okay?


  1. Stealing from delivery drivers!!!!

    That is just freakin' Un-American.

    I hope the cops get these guys.

    Better yet I hope they all slip on an unshoveled Uptown sidewalk while being chased by a polar bear that wandered in off Lake Michigan.

    That's my definition of "take out" for these eejits.

  2. Wasn't it earlier in the year, that there was a few food delivery crimes on Malden?
    Regarding an unrelated topic.....there was a 'Sercurity' car parked at the infamous intersection of Magnolia and Sunnyside tonight.
    Not sure who 'hires' these people, but the more the merrier.
    Who would think that a 'Santa wish list' would include a can of Mace.

  3. After all those wonderful pictures of holiday decorations in that area!

    Back to reality, Happy New Year (?)

  4. funny thing is .. me and my co-drivers always have argument about who gets to deliver in the east sunnyside/wilson area because of the risks we take..

  5. It might help if the pizza delivery drivers would stop driving around in those billboard-bearing cars that in effect say, "I have cash, this is what I'm about to do, and I'm an easy target." If their cars were unmarked like all the others, they would have no greater chance of being robbed than anyone else.

    But, fat chance that a merchant would cooperate.

  6. here's a tip.. if your stop at your customer's house and you notice someone suspicious looking is near by.. call the customer and tell them to meet you at the front door.

  7. Joey,
    way to blame the victim.