Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keep On Truckin' ... Unless You're On Lawrence

It's an epidemic!  Readers tell us that yet another truck got wedged under the Lawrence Red Line overpass late Saturday night.

"Why do they disregard the Lawrence Ave underpass threshold guidelines? The city workers DO, on occasion, do their jobs.  When I passed this, they were in the process of letting air out of the tires, but it was a Security guy from Aragon Ballroom, so you have to give the drivers a complete Fail."


  1. Forgive me for being redundant, but this is a repeat of my comment from the truck/viaduct accident from January 8th:

    The city maintains a phone # for Viaduct Clearance at 312 744-6460 & a call to 311 may also help BEFORE you travel under these bridges.

    The photo obviously is a rental truck which probably means the driver isn't familiar with driving a truck and has never even CONSIDERED that he needed to be concerned about clearances.

    Or maybe the tires were just waaaay over-inflated! ;-)


  2. Is this picture from the actual event? If so, notice that both trucks have been rentals (Penske and Ryder.) Not that this makes it ok, but I am guessing these people have never driven a large truck around the city.

  3. Just wanted to re-post my explanation for why this keeps happening: if you are headed west, the bottom of the first track is 3-4 ft higher than the bottom of the second track. So if you're not paying attention, it looks like you have plenty of room. There's a "warning bar" hanging down that is supposed to advise the driver that his truck is too high, but they drive right through it and plow in to the bottom of the second bridge. I suppose the answer is some kind of larger, more brightly painted, or generally more substanital warning bar?

  4. This happens everywhere in the city. My old job we would sit and wait until the entire building shook like an earthquake because a trucker didn't pay attention to the height of the bridge (even though it was clearly posted).

    On a different note....can someone please explain to me what "What the Cappelman" means? FGFM (who is probably a staffer on Helens payroll) repeatedly posts it like a child thinking it bothers Uptowners. Just curious why FGFM thinks I care about that saying and why they think I will vote for James.

  5. It's a nutjob/online stalker. We don't let him post here, and a few media outlets have banned him as well. He haunts the message boards who haven't banned him yet.

    'nuff said.

  6. "The city workers DO, on occasion, do their jobs."

    Nice! Worry about doing yours. We do are jobs, and then some. Regardless of what you think.

  7. I know in some locations "our" and "are" may sound the same, but since they are spelled differently and mean completely different things, the misuse is kind of amazing.

  8. DOP,

    I corrected it right away, before your post. Just took some time for it to actually post. Sorry, I had a brain fart....

    Maybe too many bloody Marys this morning?

    I know that was a totally retarded error... oops.