Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Early Voting Now

Early and often!  Start voting now in the February primary election.  You can vote at any location in the city 9-5, Monday through Saturday, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 18; the early voting locations for the wards comprising Uptown are:
  • 46th Ward - Truman College, 1145 W Wilson 
  • 47th Ward - Welles Park, 2333 W Sunnyside (also open Sunday 9-5) 
  • 48th Ward - Edgewater Library, 1210 W Elmdale


  1. Hmmm...the old Holiday Inn at Lawrence and Marine Dr. was such a hit...isn't it run by the Salvation Army now???...it's been a while since I"ve frequented Puptown. I never saw Montrose and Clarendon as a destination...

  2. Hmmmm....I thought I posted this to the Maryville article.....damn...