Saturday, December 5, 2009

Where Am I NOT Located?

Here is a photo of the map on the Park District sign in Lincoln Park at Montrose and LSD.

Can you find the error?

(We’ve reported this to the Park District several times, but they never change the map.)

Answer: Sunnyside is shown both north and south of Montrose.

The Southern Sunnyside is actually Junior Terrace.


  1. I never understood why it was called Junior Terrace and where that came from?

  2. The good news is the Google Maps moved Uptown back to Lawrence and Broadway. It had drifted all the way up to Bryn Mawr at one point.

  3. Media critic Jason Roberts says...

    Wow....slow news day apparently nobody got shot today! ;-)

  4. We will work harder in the future to entertain you Jason.

  5. Uptown Updater,


    But just remember no matter what, even if we disagree, (and you block my posts) even if I hate your position, and you overly bash the current office holders....

    I still LOVE you guys and UU in general. You do a great job, even though the opinions can be one-sided. However, that is typical for media and could be worse. I hope you will work with me when I am alderman! Irish Pirate will be my COS though, if that is okay with you!

    The one thing we can all agree on is we should do what is best for the hood!

    Thanks for your hard work!!!!

  6. Junior Terrace is a very off the wall name. I'd like to find out why it's called that.

  7. According to the book Streetwise Chicago: A History of Chicago Street Names -

    The "junior" comes from Stockton Junior High School, which was first located on this street.

  8. Jason,

    I know that by COS you meant "Chief of Staff".

    However, in some Farsi(Persian) dialects, COS is a particularly scatological slang term.

    I'm a veritable font of scatological information.

  9. Sorry to bore you Jason. I sent this post in just as a silly take-off on the "Where am I located?" series that this website periodically runs. In that series, a photo of something in the community is posted and everyone has to guess where it is.

    UU is a local community blog that doesn't need to hit advertising readership targets so it isn't tied to the media's "If it bleeds, it reads" mentality. That's why I believe that posts can hit on the minutia of living in Uptown and toss topics out there just to see where bloggers take them. Sometimes we discover some undocumented verbal history of about our community that only a few know.

    And, yes, I do send in these types of posts when more important stories aren't being focused upon.

  10. This is just one example of mapping, numbering inconsistencies around the city. It drives me mad. Pay attention to the larger street signs on which the numbering coordinates are listed. I saw one on Addison and Forest Preserve drive, on the northwest side. It said "3600 W", which when you are "8000 W" is
    incorrect. It should be "3600 N".

  11. Looks like St. Boniface is wildly misspelled, too.