Friday, December 4, 2009

Uptowners In The News

“Positive loitering is not the final solution to all the problems, but a new beginning to help the community solve problems.” - Cmdr. Kathy Boehmer

Uptown's positive loitering continues to garner attention as it begins its fourth straight month.  Read all about it:


  1. Alderman Schiller’s office was unavailable for comment for this article.

  2. “But in the ’hood, all they’re doing is watching those people out there, sit and stand there. Then an hour later, they’re going to show back up there.”

    - Denise Davis.

    Thanks for being sooo supportive, DD.

  3. At least someone is trying Denise. What are you doing to help?

  4. You can't hold back change Denise...I believe you and your boss will be finding that out very shortly.

  5. good for you guys to keep doing this, its hard to keep motivated. rah, rah, rah

  6. What's this about these people in the 'hood, Denise Davis, watching and waiting? According to your boss, the troublemakers "are from outside the Ward," so I'm not sure who you're talking about!

  7. I find it really funny that someone who had questions about the positive loitering called the alderman's office to find out more details about it and was told that they didn't know a thing about it and couldn't help.

    Yet the Alderman's chief of staff seems well aware of what the gangbangers and people in the hood think of the positive loiterers.

    Things that make you go hmmmm.

    BTW, the person seeking information about positive loitering was able to find out all about it from the folks at Cafe Too. Maybe the alderman's office needs to start calling them for information about what's going on in the ward. After all, they had a front row seat for the shootings and "attempted fisticuffs" that went on right there all summer and fall.

  8. Ald. Shiller's office is well aware of the positive loitering events. It's been discussed at our CAPS meetings on numerous occasions. Per Ald. Shiller, she's informed of what is discussed at each CAPS meeting

    If for some reason Ald. Shiller missed getting this information, it was also the lead story on the Tribune's front page last Oct. 20th.

  9. TSNabr, who are you that you know that about me? lol! I am that person/reporter and thought it was pretty funny a/k/a sad and pathetic, that I had to take time out of my schedule to stop at Cafe Too for info on positive loitering.. but even funnier that they provided me with a whole lot of info that the alderman's office was clueless about. Thank you Cafe Too!!

    I have found out more info about Uptown from Uptown Update, local businesses and me being nosey than from the many calls I've made to the alderman's office.

    How do you know about stuff like Halloween parties in Andersonville, but you don't know about serious issues in your backyard??