Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Uptown Rapist Sentenced To 80 Years

From the Sun-Times:

"The North Side woman had purchased her home less than a month before Benjamin Johnson broke in and sexually assaulted her. Once independent, the woman moved out of her new home following the May 2006 attack and doesn’t live alone anymore. [...]  The judge sentenced Johnson to 80 years in prison Wednesday afternoon for the rape in the 4100 block of North Sheridan. Johnson lived only blocks away in the 5000 block of North Sheridan."

Read the entire story here, including details about a Lakeview rape Johnson is accused of, which was committed just a couple months prior to the crime he was sentenced for today.


  1. Isn't 5000 N. Sheridan Sommerset Place?

  2. I'm sure he'll be out in 36 months for "good behavior"... ugh.

  3. Hmmmm? Eighty years . . . divided by . . . and then carry the 2 . . . minus good time . . . less happy points . . . Well, according to my calculations, the convicted rapist, Benjamin Johnson should be eligible for Gov Quinn's Early Prison Release Program sometime NEXT WEEK ! ! !