Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Theft Ring Hits Uptown Condo Building

A cautionary tale -- know who you're buzzing in to your building!  This is from a board member of a large building on Sheridan, but it could happen anywhere:

"Two days in a row in the days just before xmas, we have people on camera getting into our building, stealing all of the packages that were left near mailboxes by UPS and USPS, and walking right out the door.

The first day it was a guy by himself, got about 4 - 5 packages. The second day it was a group of three people, they got about the same number of packages. All African American with big puffy coats on. 

The way they are getting in, as best we could tell, was calling everyone in the building through the buzzer system until someone let them in. Then they just walk in, take the packages, then leave.  The first time was around 6PM, and the next day they came in about 2:30 - 3PM. The police were notified but they were not helpful. The only want to hear individual police reports from those that had their packages stolen, and we don't actually know whose packages were stolen unfortunately."


  1. Sounds like a case that only McGruff the crime dog can handle.

  2. After years of searching the Pakistani/Afghan borderlands for Bin Laden both McGruff and Walker Texas Ranger are back in the USA after the election of President Obama.

    On January 19, 2009 President Bush awarded McGruff and Walker Texas Ranger the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their fine work.

  3. Ajay at Kahawa coffeehouse accepts packages. He mentioned that many people he knows had packages stolen after they were left in a lobby or entryway, so he offered to accept deliveries.

    I don't know if he charges, but it's gotta be better than having a package ripped off. (Kahawa, 838 W Montrose. 773-275-3700)

  4. We're seeing this type of holiday magic in our building, as well.

    Other than the dial and hope method of illegal entry, folks are stating that they're at your front door to see a friend, or somehow they got the door code.


    - when you enter the lobby and see packages, pick 'em up and drop 'em in front of the person's door
    - never give out the door code (not to friends, family, delivery people, no one other than residents)
    - change the door code on a regular basis (monthly)
    - don't let in people that you don't recognize (apologize for not being able to be helpful, and instruct them to use the call box, or have their friends come down)
    - Install security cameras
    - elect a politician who considers crime to be a serious matter (heh - couldn't resist).

  5. So that's why all of my packages end up missing. I was blaming my neighbors, sorry neighbors,... oh wait.