Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Strikes!

We've heard from Santa, and he sent in this pic of the goodies he's handing out. And it's happened three times already, in Margate Park, at the BP station at Lawrence and Marine, and at Uptown Baptist Church. Will you be next?

He says that the first round of cards are worth $50 at Jewel, and the week before Christmas, there will be $100 Target cards. He tells us that everyone had better watch out, as he's only giving these cards to people who are demonstrating the spirit of Christmas within the Uptown community.

What does that mean, exactly? We don't know. He didn't elaborate.

Update: Now we know what this reader was talking about when she wrote us at the UU mailbox. "Was getting off the bus on Marine and Clarendon this afternoon. An older woman was on the pay phone at the BP while two kids were waiting around her when a man walked up to them, handed them an envelope, said something to them and walked off. I don't know what was in the card, but it must have been somewhat nice since the girl showed it to the woman on the phone and they seemed ... pleasantly surprised. I don't know if this is related to your Santa post, but it seems like someone is passing out good will in the form of xmas cards."


  1. Off topic but has any heard from Irish Pirate? It seems he has dropped from posting here or on his blog since mid November.

  2. NadMill,

    I'm around.

    I've been handing out gift cards to Hookers while dressed as Santa.

    Although, I have been thinking of dressing up like Tiger Woods to see if I would get a better response.

    It's gonna be kind hard to pull that one off. I'm not sure how tall he is, but I'm certainly heavier than his skinny self. Of course given the quality of Uptown hookers they might just fall for it.

  3. I missed you, too, IP. So glad you're still around and patronizing the fine working women of Uptown.

    But I do have to ask..."handing out?" Or do you really mean exchanging for goods and services?

    I don't know if I could ever recover from seeing a guy in a Santa suit becoming intimately acquainted with a hooker in my back alley...

    Talk about land of misfit toys!

  4. Irish glad to see that you are well.

    I know it's getting cold but, have you noticed there has not been a post about violent crime since 30 November. Other than some past crimes. In all crime is down for 2009. I'm pretty sure if you check the 23rd district has had only 1 homicide in 2009. And it WAS NOT gang related