Sunday, December 6, 2009

Transistor, Welcome To The 'Hood!

Updated: Free ping-pong tonight (Sunday), 7-10pm!

A reader clued us in to Transistor, at 5045 N Clark, which seems to have a little something for everyone: "Transistor is equal parts art gallery, book and magazine shop, CD & record store, electronics boutique, and more. We have a resale section, called The Closet (by Rani). We feature free film screenings, performances, workshops and pingpong."

Check them out at Facebook here, and the website here. Be sure to check out the Calendar of Upcoming Events, which this month includes a free indie rock performance and a photography workshop.

Welcome, Transistor, we wish you much success! Readers, help make it happen.


  1. stopped in the place the other day - Great people....Cool addition to the hood.

  2. I've taken the photography workshop, looking forward to the next one. Great place.

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  4. i think it's fair to say that uptown is a big square from montrose to foster, clark to the lake, with the northeast and southwest corners being margate park and sheridan park respectively. andersonville is a little square that starts at foster and goes to bryn mawr between glenwood and ravenswood by most real estate neighborhood maps

  5. Uptown's "official" neighborhood borders are Irving on the south, Foster on the north, the lake to the east, and Clark to the west.

    The "official" neighborhood north of Uptown is Edgewater.

    Andersonville is an overlay, an area name and not an official Chicago neighborhood.

    UU tries to include everything in the official Uptown area (#3 on your Chicago neighborhood map!) and also events and places a couple blocks outside our borders that might affect Uptown residents.

    Transistor is most definitely in Andersonville, but it's also part of Uptown.