Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Wilson L: Outdoor Port-O-Potty

A reader sends in the following pic:
"I just ran to Iyanze for lunch and on the way there I spotted this man urinating in one of the vacant storefronts of the Wilson L in broad daylight. I use the Wilson station everyday and have always noticed the streams of liquid running from these storefronts down to Broadway. Mystery solved. Could we not direct them just a short half block south to Ald. Shiller's office? Surely they have a public restroom. These storefronts cannot be filled fast enough."


  1. Yeah remember this time of year it's not the AC units dripping.

  2. i hope someone called the police.

  3. I've seen this around the buena park area too and am getting quite tired of it. I have called the police but usually the person is gone by then. Plus, is it enough to say you saw the person, or do they actually need to catch them in the act?

    The last person I encountered was also irate and yelling at no one which added some drama to the 911 call, but alas, the cops didn't show and I couldn't find the guy any more to follow up.

  4. I have had similar issues at Montrose/Broadway with Cheryl (or Pookie as I like to call her). She has no issues dropping her pants and squatting at busy intersections.

    The problem is, if you call the police they are usually done and long gone by the time they show up.

  5. Andy,
    The only way someone gets arrested for pissing is if an officer on-views the act or a citizen points out the offender after the fact and signs a complaint. The time it takes for a 911 call to go through the system the offender would be done pissing and moved on.

    So calling 911 and going about your business does no good.

    Tip: never call 911 anonymously leave your name and contact number. This ensures better police service

  6. What strikes me about this epidemic of public whizzing is how so many of the "whizzers" don't make any effort to hide the whizzing.

    I'm walking down Montrose in the middle of the day and some guy whips out his Rich Daley and starts "watering" the iron fence around Jewel.

    I've encountered variations of that scenario many times throughout Uptown. At least around Wrigley the whizzers generally try to hide behind a dumpster or something.

    Although in fairness I did see a drunk on Southport relieving himself in a doorway one early morn recently. Of course his back was turned. In Uptown our whizzers are more likely to whip out their teeny equipment for all to see.

    Since I have an amazingly large bladder I don't have much sympathy for this activity. The only time I ever whizzed in a public setting was to put out a dumpster fire I once encountered in an alley on Clifton. I forgot what I did with the award I received from the Fire Department.

  7. I'll say it...Did you pi$$ your Fire Department award away?

  8. At least this guy was peeing!!!

    i'm over by Lawrence and Clark.
    On Halloween, we had a party at my apartment. When everyone left, i started to clean up and decided to take the garbage out back. i turned the corner of the building and found a middle aged man pulling his pants while squatting next to my dumpster. i yelled at him and he quickly pulled his pants up and disappeared down the alley. (after he was done, obviously).

    what the hell is this world coming to.

  9. These storefronts can't get filled fast enough? Looks more like they can't get filled at all. What business wants to move into the the worst station on the red line? These have been vacant for for a long time, I don't see that changing anytime soon in this economy.

  10. Another fine addition to the 'patina' of the area surrounding the marvelous Wilson L stop.

  11. Ah, at least this man had the decency to pee into the corner. I was walking down Loyola Ave heading towards the bus stop when a middle-aged man came out of the train station, unzipped his pants, and began to pee literally right in front of me. Almost ON me. It was about 3pm, sunny and people were around. I was so flabbergasted I didn't know what to do. But like others said, I'd assume calling the cops would have been useless as he would have been gone already.

  12. This will continue as long as Uptown is the city headquarters for Social Services & ill planned public housing. The mentally ill, the alcoholic / drug addicted, plus regular criminals will behave like this and the neighborhood cannot be cleaned up until these types are removed. Can you imagine if the L stop was rehabbed? These losers would destroy it in a year or less!

  13. Stoked, I don't think anyone will ever clear the neighborhood of any of the so called undesirables. I think many outside forces created a problem with placing too many social services in one small neighborhood. Now we have to work together with the social services to make the area better. Helen hasn't done that and that's what is leading to the end of her political career.

    BTW, be aware that Helen uses statements like yours to slam all bloggers on UU in order to maintain her power base. I can just see her using your statement and referring to all the Hitler supporters of UU wanting to cleanse the neighborhood of undesirables.

  14. Looks like a scene from Wrigleyville this last summer.

  15. Looks like a scene from Wrigleyville this last summer.

    Well, ain't that just special?

    Who cares?

    At least in Wrigleyville, the instances of public urination decline considerably depending on the seasons.

    In Uptown, it's a year-round thing.

    Whenever (and where-ever) it occurs, it's unacceptable.

  16. People have to pee.

    Maybe Chicago could use something like this: