Sunday, December 27, 2009

Naughty And Nice

We received a note from Uptown's Secret Santa on Christmas Eve, and ... Uptown, you've got some work to do! Mixed reviews, at best.  The good news:  "Santa" was able to distribute all his gift cards, totaling a few hundred dollars out of his own pocket, to folks best demonstrating the holiday spirit on Uptown's avenues. This is his report:

"All Jewel and Target cards have been handed out.

Not to get into too much detail, but I will say that there is a serious lack of Christmas spirit in this area (especially on Broadway between Montrose and Lawrence). Little kids kicking their mothers and crying in the middle of the street. People ignoring others as they share the sidewalk, or pass each other on the street. Drivers cutting people off, or driving like the Miser Brothers.

Someone actually spat at me, and my elf!

Very disheartening. I was hoping to see a few more smiles, a handful of more "good morning/ afternoon/ evenings" from people - or even the simplest nod of the head to acknowledge the presence of another person; but, alas .. I saw desperately little of that.

I did see goodness out there, and that's hopeful. The good people out there made my Christmas (thanks to all), and I hope I was able to add a little joy to theirs. Now, I have to run - busy night. See you next year!

Ho Ho Ho, S."

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