Thursday, December 3, 2009


A reader sends in the following pic and asks:
"Did you happen to notice that a bit of Uptown history (dating back to the original Hotel Chelsea) is now gone from the Jesus People building at 920 W. Wilson?

The metal overhang was removed and now the front of the building is bare. Does anyone know if there are plans to replicate and replace it?"


  1. FYI, the overhang is called a Porte-cochere.....

    Perhaps someone could also educate us on when the scaffolding that has been up around the building NEXT DOOR for the PAST 3 YEARS will come down... or how one can find out why it keeps getting new permits?

  2. It's only a porte-cochere if you can drive under it. This is a canopy or marquee.

  3. Actually, you can drive under this.

    Notice the positioning of the scaffold in the pic, as well as the front and rear tires of the truck.

  4. To clarify, you drive through a port cochere, and it's supported by columns. This is a canopy since a car just ducks under the side and it's (theoretically at least) supported by cables.

    Still the building would look equally worse without it.

  5. Ah. Fair 'nuff.

    Good to know.

    And you're right, aesthetically, it's a bad move.

  6. My guess is, respecting the architectural or historical integrity of the building is not even on their radar...

  7. Taking away the awesome historical details leaves more room for tatty awnings that can have spray painted graffiti on them for years and years and years - let's face it, JPUSA ain't exactly on the cover of "Pride of Ownership Quarterly."

  8. It was falling apart and leaning to one side. The city made them take it down. It was a safety hazard. They hope to replace it soon.

    Food for the vultures.

  9. That'll happen if you don't maintain a building.