Tuesday, December 22, 2009

City Creates "Transit Friendly Development Guide"

From the Department of Zoning & Land Use Planning:

"The "Transit Friendly Development Guide" designates each of the CTA's 144 rail stations with one of seven typologies that are common across the rail system. The designations are intended to shape the public's expectations about potential development while identifying the nearby zoning and infrastructure assets that maximize each station as a community anchor."

Click here for more info, including a map showing the designations of our Wilson, Lawrence and Argyle stations.


  1. The Wilson redline stop...a major activity center???

  2. Good to see this is where my tax dollars go. This is nothing but fluff and nonsense. There are no concrete plans.

    The City of Chicago spent two years!!! and countless millions coming up with a system to categorize the El Stops. They don't have any plans to do anything, but now we can bucket the El Stops into categories.

    This is government waste at its finest.

  3. It must be considered an activity to run from stray bullets along the Wilson 'l' stop.