Monday, November 16, 2009

You Can Take It To The Bank!

Did you know that you are eligible to sign up for an account at North Side Community Federal Credit Union simply by being a resident of Uptown, Edgewater, Lakeview or Rogers Park? North Side is "an alternative to costly payday lenders and currency exchanges, without the high fees and restrictions imposed by banks."

There is a one-time $1 membership fee $15 deposit required to open a shared savings account. As a member, you can open a checking account, receive free financial counseling, apply for credit and open a "Holiday Club Savings Account" that currently earns a 3% interest rate!

Also, as a member, you are helping the local community. North Side focuses on lending to local businesses and individuals to help strengthen the local economy.

For more information, visit their website here.


  1. Thanks so much for plugging North Side. We really, really appreciate the outreach. Word of mouth is the way through which most people become members.

    I'd love to know who you are by the way! Many thanks, Kristen Cox, Marketing Manager, North Side Credit Union

  2. Was disapointed to see this shameless plug-- have been following for couple months now and like ur usual transparent if not weighted reporting. Did north side pay you?!? So sad to see this happen here.

  3. Charlene, there's nothing underhanded here. No one's made a penny from this blog. It's cost us some, but no one has ever paid us off, including North Side.

    The simple truth is, one of the contributors (not me) found out about the credit union, thought it was a really cool locally owned business, and wanted to share it with readers who might want the advantages of a credit union rather than the services of a traditional bank or a currency exchange. That's it.

    Scroll down the page. Ceres Table didn't pay us off, nor did Marigold, the weatherization kit folks, Wild Pug, the Cupcake Gallery, or Annoyance Theatre. Don't know why you would take umbrage with us plugging the credit union and not the many other local businesses .. whatever.

  4. One other piece of info that may help see this posting in a different light. We are not-for-profit financial institution, where the profits that we do make go back to our members. Because of this, we are here to serve members of the community like many social service agencies and community organizations in the area. PR on behalf of our members and allies is always helpful and appreciated, in the spirit of community building and resource sharing.



    UU posts about many local businesses and events. Including the dreaded free flu shots. I guess they got to go to the front of the line, huh?

    Perhaps you believe Currency Exchanges are a better option for many folks?


    Some folks just need to be shiny, happy people like me.

  6. For those who may not be aware, North Side Community Federal Credit Union was given the Good Neighbor Award from the Uptown Chicago Commission earlier this year. The UCC Board of Directors is proud to have them in the community because of their longstanding history of doing good in the community.

    Besides being an advocate for those who have difficulty opening a bank account, they also have a storefront that is open and inviting to those who walk by. UCC encourages businesses to have storefront windows that allow people to see in and out. Public safety is always enhanced whenever there are more eyes on the street.