Monday, November 2, 2009

Yoga Studio Opens Today

Please help welcome a new business to Uptown, The Center for Yoga and Meditation. It's located at 1352 Wilson, between Beacon and Dover, and classes begin today. You can visit the website to see the schedule of classes, or call 847-687-3688. Click the images for larger versions.


  1. I will definitely be checking them out but I don't think a weekends-only yoga studio is going to work for me... hope they stick around and expand their schedule!

  2. Great to see a yoga studio in the neighborhood. I gotta say, however, I'd like to know more about the style of yoga she teaches. Also, an 11 minute meditation class at 9:00 at night strikes me as a little odd.

  3. This is a very welcome addition that will hopefully bring more people to the area.

    I do like the variety of yoga, dance and meditation - which isn't just for breakfast anymore. A little meditation before ending the day doesn't seem odd at all.
    Just wish they had more classes, but they just opened so maybe they're being conservative until they see the community response.

    Prices are pretty decent. I never understood why yoga studios charged as much as they do.

    I would like more information on their certification and background. The site doesn't offer much more info. Guess these guys started out as a canine waste removal service. No joke.

  4. Thank you, whoever posted this information on the blog! I run the yoga studio. My name is Christine. I am an instructor certified in Kundalini Yoga. I've been practicing and teaching for several years. I'm excited to bring this technology to Uptown.
    The class schedule will expand as interest peaks.
    Regarding 9pm meditation's a PERFECT time to mediate before bed. Evening is the time for even-ing turn off the computer, phone and T.V., and prepare for a good nite's sleep. :)
    Again, thanks for the warm welcome to the community! I look forward to seeing you in class.

  5. Happy New Year, Uptown!

    The Center for Yoga and Meditation is offering ALL of its classes for FREE the month of January. We want Uptown to feel great in 2009!

    Stop in for an evening meditation, or an African Dance or Tai Chi class or a Kundalini Yoga class!

    We also have a massage therapist onsite, offering therapeutic body massage at discounted prices.

    View our updated schedule at 1352 W. Wilson Ave, or call us at 847.687.3688.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR from The Squat Team!

  6. We want you to feel great in the year 2010, too! bad.... :)