Monday, November 9, 2009

Trivia Night At Crew On Mondays

If you've been to Crew on Monday evening when class is in session, you've already met Sister Mary Monistat and her difficult trivia questions. Now the rest of the city is noticing as well:

- Here Comes Treble: We’re confident that even tough critics would have to agree that Uptown’s Crew is one of the best trivia nights in the city.

Sister Mary is a man, dressed as a nun, who acts like a Catholic school teacher. Like all good Catholics, Sister Mary wears an ‘I heart Jesus pin’ and professes a love of Quarterback Brady Quinn. (Read the entire article here.)

- Timeout Chicago: Questions can be pretty hard—especially the three second name-that-song clips—but no matter, both winners and losers score prizes. (Read the entire article here.)

If you want to attend Sister Mary's class yourself, show up at Crew by 8pm (don't be tardy) on most Monday nights. Pesky sporting events like the World Series interfere, so best to check Crew's website to make sure class is in session that particular night.

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