Monday, November 23, 2009

'Tis The Season

Wow, there are all sorts of con artists out there lately. Be careful, and call police if you have any suspicions at all, particularly about those going door-to-door:
  • Uptown Ace Hardware tells us that someone tried to pass off a $50 bill printed on a bleached $5 bill there. Merchants, beware!
  • The Edgewater Community Buzz tells about teenagers going door to door supposedly collecting for Lambs Farm and a scholarship fund. Read about it here.
  • Then there's Uptown's Own : he's either collecting for the block club, the "other" block club, getting signatures against the gang problem, selling subscriptions, or there to talk about Neighborhood Watch.
  • Then there's the guy who ran out of his house without his wallet and needs cab fare.

We can't stress it enough - call the cops if you're approached, either on the street or at your home. If the person is who he says he is, great - if not, you've helped others from falling for his scam.


  1. Two people trying to scam me downtown actually had a kitten as a prop. Apparently they were from Indiana and had to come to Chicago because the kitty was going to be put-down, and they just couldn't let that happen. I mean, look at the kitten, its so cute. Well, to make a long story short, they loved the kitty so much that they just jumped a train without knowing how much it would be for train fare to save the kitten, look at him, he's so cute, and now they don't have the money to get back home. If I could just give them 20 bucks, they could take the kitten home.

  2. I'd give the kids $20 if *I* could take the kitten home, maybe.

  3. My best advice for dealing with Uptown scammers (and I've seen many) is to gently refer them to a police officer, or the 46th Ward office for help. (and they look at me like I'm insane....but it does the trick)

  4. The kitty hippies have been working State and Randolph and State and Madison since at least taste of Chicago with the same cardboard sign the cat is bigger now but they have not bathed since the Taste.

  5. Also, I have seen people, kids and adults, collecting money in football helmets for their team. Makes me wonder. Isn't a bake sale safer than sending kids out into traffic to collect "donations"?

    Don't get me started on the folks downtown with M&Ms bought at a wholesale store trying to pass it off as a fundraiser.

  6. SHould I warn people about the daily scams I get on my street (Windsor) from my neighbors about 1) needing money for the bus, 2) needing money for ? b/c Weis hospital let him go too early, and as I can see he has heart monitors attached to his chest (imagine man with no shirt and suction cups with strings flailing about attached to his chest) 3) for protection from other people on my street, etc. etc. hahahahaha. I assume everyone knows these are scams--but it's out there just in case you don't know.