Friday, November 6, 2009

Positive Loiterers Unite!

Enjoy a beautiful autumn evening by joining the other positive loiterers gathering at Sheridan & Leland tonight from 7-8 PM. Depending on the number of folks who show up, and their wishes, we may split up into groups and/or head for different locations. The weather should be perfect tonight.

The community continues to support the efforts to make Uptown safer for everyone. Once again, Cafe Too is offering free coffee and tea so positive loiterers can stay warm and toasty. Soggy Paws has donated doggie treats for the canine loiterers. And Uptown Chicago Commission sponsors it. The Dog Treat Dude has forgotten his bag for the last two weeks but has promised to have it tonight.

Positive Loitering is a great way to come out and meet new neighbors and start taking back our neighborhoods from those who are creating this violence. Please come out and show our strength as a neighborhood.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the loitering should happen directly out in front of Shiller's office. They had a police response the other day.

    I was going through my Uptown links and came across this amusing video on EveryBlock.

    Apparently, Tom Mannis, of the great right wing conspiracy, listens to the po po scanners and found out the police were called to Shiller's office.

    Hilarity ensues. They really don't like cameras or answering questions.

    For a nutjob Mannis does display a good sense of the absurd. Most nutjobs of the left or right lack a sense or humor.